Saturday, January 25, 2014

PAGE 15 - 1877-1884 Eleven Tickets to Social Events

Oh my, what a number of social events my great-grandparents attended. I'm not certain if they were actually members of some of these societies or organizations, but they could have been.

Here are 11 tickets, and I will describe then top-down, in 3 columns starting with the left-most column:
  1. Hawthorne Literary Union, Monday Evening, October 15th, 1883, was presenting Gilbert's Comedy: "RANDALL'S THUMB", at the Lexington Avenue Opera House, followed by a Reception.  The ticket admitted "Gentleman and Ladies". 
  2. The Greenwich Literary Society on Wednesday Evening, April 23rd, 1884, at the Lexington Avenue Opera House; the ticket was for the Closing Entertainment & Reception, and listed three women's names across the top left corner, with the words "Chimes of Normandy". 
  3. "The Hawthorne" Dramatic Entertainment & Reception "Esmeralda" was held at the Lexington Avenue Opera House, on Monday Evening, April 21st, 1884. 
  4. The Lee Literary Association provided the Second Dramatic Entertainment and Reception, at the Lexington Avenue Opera House, on Wednesday Evening, March 7th, 1883, at 8 o'clock.
  5. Amateur League, Performance and Reception, at Lexington Ave. Opera House, on Tuesday Ev'g, Mar. 20, '83.  Evening Dress required for admission on floor to reception.  
  6. Second Annual Reception of the members of Friedens Encampment, No. 89, I.O.O.F., at Fernando's Assembly Rooms, on Monday, March 20th, 1882, at 8 o'clock, P.M. sharp.
  7. I.O.O.F.  Forty-First Anniversary, Ark Lodge, No. 28, at Ferrero's Assembly Rooms, Tammany Building at Eight O'Clock, Thursday Evening, February 17th, 1881.
  8. Society of Tammany, or Columbian Order, 102d Anniversary of American Independence, July 4th, 1878.
  9. Concert and Recitations, given under the auspices of The New York Post Office Temperance Association, at Masonic Temple, 23d St. and 6h Ave., on Thursday Evening, (8 o'clock), May 29th, 1879.   N.B. - The gentlemen appearing in this entertainment are all employed int eh service of the New York Post Office.
  10. Concert and Recitations, [at] Chickering Hall, on Wednesday Evening, November 26th, 1879, under the auspices of The New York Post Office Temperance Association.
  11. Philharmonic Society, Nyack-on-the-Hudson, Rehearsal, at Rockland Institute, on Thursday Even'g, Dec. 20th, 1877. Doors will be closed at 8 o'clock.
My greatgrandfather worked in the Post Office in various capacities.  He and his wife, as well as his parents, were strong Temperance supporters.  The family were very active socially, they loved drama shows as well as musical events and recitals.  We will see more of these kinds of event tickets on other pages.

If you have any questions or comments about these social events or places, do contact me via calewis at telus dot net, or leave a comment below.  I always appreciate learning further details! 


  1. What a fun collection Celia! These events must have been very important to your great-grandparents since they kept all of these tickets.

    1. Social butterflies, they were, Jana! And, I suspect they were also hoarders. Or, maybe they just tucked all these tickets away thinking they'd save them as souvenirs. Thus, the Souvenir Album. It's a rather odd album.
      Thanks for coming by and commenting!