Wednesday, December 19, 2012


This feels like part of a Christmas Song...   Eight Marriage Invitations!

My Greatgrandfather, James Grover "Grove" TERWILLIGER, (1856-1929), kept an oversized Souvenir Album, which includes a few items of his father's and then his and his wife's family, friends, their activities and events through the 1800s into the quite early 1900s.  On this page, I find one relative, Jenny D. Graves - my 1st cousin, 3x removed.

The couples' marriages are apparently in the early 1880s, not all cards list the year; italics and non-italics and size of font are my best attempt of reflecting the cards themselves:

1.  Jones - Hier  Mr. & Mrs. R.W. Jones request your presence of the Marriage of their Daughter, Lulu  to  George S. Hier, Wednesday Evening, March 26, 1879, at eight o'clock, No. 154 South Salina St., Syracuse, N.Y.  ["Lulu" is nickname for Louisa]                              

2.  Ryan - Fyler  this envelope contains three heavy unadorned cards: (a) Ceremony    Thursday May seventeenth, 1883. St. Lucy's Church, Syracuse, N.Y., 9.30 A.M.,  (b)  Peter L. Ryan    Ada C. Fyler  and, finally (c) a church card:  Please present this card to the usher.   No details of the parents - this is a rather unusual invitation to a wedding, don't you think?

3.  Hansell - Dill  Mr. & Mrs. Standish F. Hansell  request your presencc at the marriage of their daughter Mary to  James Brooks Dill, Thursday afternoon, October 21st  at four o'clock,  1705 Summer St. Philadelphia.   1880   

4.  Burdett - Crow  Mr. & Mrs. G.C. Burdett, request your presence at teh marriage of their daughter Lillie  to  A. Eugene Crow,  Tuesday afternoon, September twenty sixth, at four o'clock,  Church of the Heavenly Rest,  Fifth Avenue near Forty-Fifth Street, New York.

5.  Tefft - Schwarz  Here is a notice of a marriage having already taken place:   Adolph H. Schwarz,  Mary C. Tefft  Married  Thursday, February 14th 1878.   4 Burns Place, Syracuse, N.Y.   An enclosed card seems to be an at-home card:  Mr. & Mrs. A.H. Schwarz,  Empire House, Syracuse, N.Y.  [Empire House was a large hotel by the railway station in Syracuse NY]

6.  Hastings - Rogers  The pleasure of your company is requested at the marriage reception of F. Adele Hastings  and  Geo. Tracy Rogers,  Thursday evening April fourteenth, eighteen hundred eighty one, at eight o'clock.  754 Main St.  Buffalo, N.Y.

7.  Graves - Craner  Mr. & Mrs E.C. Graves request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter,  Jennie D.  to Royal K. Craner, Thursday, April 28th, 1881, at 5 o'clock P.M.  Jordan, N.Y.    [Jennie is the daughter of Edward C. Graves, my greatgreatgrandfather Charles Giles GRAVES's brother]

8.  James - Pearson Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. James request your presence at the marriage of their daughter, on Thursday, April twentieth, at half past seven o'clock.  Church of the Holy Trinity, Madison Ave. & 42d Street.   It's not an oversight as the names of the couple are not listed on this invitation at all.  But - there are four enclosed cards:  (a) Mr. Henry G. Pearson  a larger card: (b) Miss James   an even larger card: (c) Please present this card at the Church  and finally, a large card: (d) Reception from eight until ten  6 East 49th Street.

Contact me if you wish to see the individual cards, and if any of these people are your ancestors, do let me know any details of these brides and grooms.  I'm always excited to add more details to my greatgrandfather's Album inventory.  

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone.  Have a glorious New Year in 2013 with loving family and friends.   - Celia


  1. Fascinating and so different from what I have seen before.

    1. For some reason, I'd thought there was a de rigeur format for wedding invitations - but, clearly not, eh? I've been enjoying these cards. Thanks for dropping by, Jill.

  2. I love following this blog! Thank you so much for taking the time to show everyone your treasure! I hope there's more!

    1. There are pages and pages and pages and pages and pages... It's quite a big endeavor to inventory this wonderful old family momento! Thanks for stopping by to comment. I'm trying to do at least one or two pages per month, for the coming year.

  3. What a great treasure! I just found this blog. So interesting.

    1. Thanks Betty! It takes quite awhile for me to do each page, and I'm definitely overdue for the next page!