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PAGE 9 - 14th Annual Reunion, ARMY of the POTOMAC

Page 9.    My Terwilliger greatgrandfather and his family actively participated in many social events - for example, the Newburgh Centennial details can be seen back on the post for Page 4 of his Souvenir Album. On this page, he has surrounded the poster with many symbols of organizations and the like. Personally, I like "Friday" on the right side! I have little notion of the symbols' meanings, and hope that some of the readers will understand - for instance - the 6-pointed cross in the middle surrounded by sun, moon, stars, and various crosses! Do feel free to comment below.

The dates of the 14th Reunion are on the inset drawing of Washington DC, at the centre bottom:
      MAY 16th & 17th, 1883

In swirling ribbon beside the words "Army of the Potomac" are the following names:
Left:                         Right:
McDowell              Burnside
McClellan             Hooker
Pope                       Meade

The ribbon tied below states 1861    1865  on the 'bows', and Bull Run and Appomattox on the strands, above the drawing of Washington DC.

The Executive Committee members are listed on both the left and right sides at the bottom:
Gen. A.A. Humphreys          Gen. John G. Parke,
Gen. S.S. Carrell,                 Gen. George D. Ruggles
Gen. J. C. Tidball,               Gen. Ellis Spear
                Gen. E.A. Garmin
Gen. Duncan S. Walker      Major H.L. Cranford
Major George M. Lockweed    Major N.H. Camp
Capt. John M. Carsen        Capt. R.W. Tyler
               Capt. I.N. Burrill

On the right side can be seen symbols of sea battle: a sailing ship's sails and masts, flag, trumpet, anchor. On the left side, ground battles with a helmet, drum, cutlass, rifles, cannon. All draped in the American flag.

And around on all sides... cut out symbols, painstakingly and thoroughly glued onto this page. I may need to do a page only on these 50 cut-out symbols! Several I can see are Sigma Phi letters. Here are a few more:

  • The red circle middle top:  The Military Service Institution
  • The red circle top left:  United States Consulate Annaberg Saxony
  • The tall gold rectangle left:  Morton Commandery, New York
  • Beside the above, on right, Small square, blue on gold, deer -?:  "Pulset Virtus"  (They were brave/virtuous)
  • Below the above, a prancing unicorn
  • On the top right, blue circle:  Jamaica
  • Also top right, below above circle:  Newburgh Centennial
  • Below above:  Friday
  • Below above:  Happy New Year (in red ribbon)
  • Beside above, dark gold seated baby holding a staff with a 'leaf' on either end -?

Also on the right side, there are two birds on a log, facing each other with a symbol seen on one of them between the birds (seen right side top, and also in middle right);  there is an owl sitting on the old man moon, many Greek letters [for organizations], as well as stylized initials.

If you have any light to shed on these symbols and letters, do leave a comment or email me at calewis at telus dot com   - I am always happy to add to the knowledge about items in my greatgrandfather's Souvenir Album.  

The next page is of Balls, Masques, and Operas - gorgeous brilliant cards.

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