Friday, September 7, 2012

PAGE 4 - 29 Calling Cards!

Oh, my greatgrandfather!! So many Calling cards - and this isn't even all of them.  There is still another full page of Calling cards, plus he has a few tucked here and there on pages later on in the Album.  I do wish he'd written some little tiny word or two scrawled on each card - that would have been so helpful, wouldn't it?

Here is the photo of the page, and you can see he's tried for a designed page but then pasted a few odd ones in here and there at the end.  Well, he wasn't very creative but was definitely very detailed and thorough!  I'll start at top left, and work my way more or less across the page.  That makes 5 rows, more or less.

Much of the information about these people has been found on the fascinating site Old Fulton New York, with databases of old newspapers in northern New York state, plus old postcards, and more.

Top row, 1:
  • F H Stewart   - 1868 Rochester City Directory lists same as "hairdresser; h 3 Cedar" - could it be this person?
  • Genevieve Roberts  - several Genevieve Roberts' in newspapers of 1800s into 1940s, so difficult to decide which might be correct one by age/relationship; perhaps a contemporary of my grandmother
  • Wm T Baker  - businessman; a social listing Aug 23, 1891, Utica Sunday Tribune, states Mr & Mrs Wm T Baker returned from a month's stay at Long Beach, on the Atlantic";  he is also listed Jan 11, 1906 as 1 of 7 Directors of newly incorporated business, The Clayville Knitting Co. of Utica.
  • Florence L Tolford  - not certain of which age group is correct for this particular Florence, is this a friend of  2ndGreatgrandfather's, greatgrandfather's, or grandmother's social group
  • George D Huling   - many Huling families in NY, but I couldn't find this particular George D Huling in a brief search; a Beekman Huling in Saratoga Springs published a Whig paper in early-mid 1800s, and this George might be a relative?
  • Tillie Vetter  - Brooklyn Daily Eagle newspaper, Sunday Feb. 12th, 1911, lists Tillie as member of women's chorus of Minstrel show; likely a friend of my grandmother's
Next row down, 2:
  • Uda/Ada? G Cook   -  Many Ada Cooks in NY state, unable to determine person
  • Edward E Thomas [sideways]  - an Edward E Thomas is living in Albany during 1800s, possibly this man
  • Sam'l L Maralious   - what a wonderfully unusual surname! Sam'l is listed in 1884 NY City Directory, occupation Clerk, living at 166 E 67th 
  • E L Wadsworth    - Who knew there were so many E L Wadsworth men? One is listed in 1866 IRS tax assessment as an Insurance agent; another living in Saratoga Springs; one in Auburn; another in New Hartford. Sigh.  Hmm - the Auburn one seems to be a member of the Auburn City Lodge K of P, No 195, according to an 1897 list of "secret societies" [found on].  
  • Walter R Leggatt    - a New York Lawyer, former member of  NY County Republican Committee; d. of "typhoid pneumonia" 28 Aug 1889 in CT
  • Nellie E Whitlock   - m. Thomas Hogan [lawyer] in April 1886; unfortunately in the following week, his brother Patrick died of a cardiac condition (as reported in The Syracuse Standard, May 3, 1886)
Next row down, 3:
  • F C Rust   - hmmm, his card was on a previous page; still don't know who he is
  • Bryan Collins   - possibly this is the Bryan Collins who was a baritone singer in the 1890s
  • Dr. Gaylord P Clark   - physician/educator, Dean of College of Medicine at Syracuse University, Syracuse NY
  • Emma H Marquette  - seems to be a friend of my grandmother's; several newspapers mention her: 1906 [camping trip] and 1910 [bookkeeper/stenographer trained at Thorpe's]
  • George Klinck   - several George Klinck men found; one in Utica December 27, 1882, is noted to be one of several of the oldest members of the Oriental Lodge (Masonic order); another/same man of the New York Custom House
Next row down, 4:
  • Carrie V DeSand   - unable to find information on this young woman
  • *C Gussie Graves  - Grove's wife-to-be, Clara Augusta "Gussie" Graves; married in 1879
  • N H Melius   - professional musician, specializing in harmonica as well as trombone; 1870s and 1880s
  • Mamie F Hewes, 4 West 47 - perhaps the wife of Williard Hewes, living in NY city; seems abt same age as my grandmother (b.1800s)
  • Mrs. Standish F Hansell   - The only Standish F(orde) Hansell seems to have lived in Philadelphia
    - penciled on same card : Mrs. A W Palmer  -  too many Palmers in NY, and no A.W. Palmer that I could easily found.  Clearly the two women came to visit together, as friends.  A brief search did not find anything I could hang my hat on for these two.
Bottom row, 5:
  • Charles Carroll Smith  - February 20, 1908, The Syracuse Herald, has a column stating that Charles Carroll Smith is busily compiling the alphabetical index of births, deaths, and marriages for 1906, in the Bureau of Vital Statistics; other articles note an author of several books; and both an elder and younger gentleman of same name.  One 1891 article  describes a Charles Carroll Smith [Charley] as the "beau" of Saratoga Springs.  Which one do you pick for the Calling card -?  Are they the same person?
  • Rev. Daniel P Ward, 343 West 25th Street  - "well-known for his charity and activity", d. at age 47 of heart disease, according to The NY Times, Sunday January 13, 1901
  • Richard L E  Ihle   - an unusual name, several possibilities, but not one which seems most likely
  • Gussie Booth   - appears to be a contemporary of my greatgrandmother's; likely to be the young woman married in Syracuse to a Mr. Bertram, Conductor of the NY Special train in early 1880s
  • Mr. J Henry Albee, No. 137 West 42nd St.   - no specific information on this gentleman
  • Carrie Magee    - hmmm, could this be the same Carrie Magee who married April 16, 1885, to George Woodburn 
    - penned on same card:  Sara Furniss  - no information found for Sara
  • Mrs. Clare A Benedict   - Emma Gertrude (Graves) Benedict, a cousin of Grove's wife, Gussie
The next page in the Souvenirs Album relates to the Newburgh Centennial... What do you know about that? Hmmm.  With of course, 4 Calling cards pasted into corners of the page.  I'm looking forward to writing about it, and showing you the outsized card about it.  

I hope you're enjoying the journey through my greatgrandfather's Souvenirs Album.  There are many pages with odd and unusual items, as well as relatively common items like these Calling cards.  I just realized I'm mentioning various ancestors with no names:

  1. my 2nd greatgrandfather:  James M. TERWILLIGER (1825-1909), m. Harriet BUELL 1851
  2. my greatgrandfather - the owner/compiler of this Souvenir Album:  James Grover "Grove" TERWILLIGER (1856-1929), m. Clara Augusta "Gussie" GRAVES 1875
  3. my grandmother (maternal): Marguerite Josephine  "Daisy" "GrandPete" TERWILLIGER (1880-1973), m. Charles Edward KUHN 1910.
If you know more information about any of the people listed above, do let me know.  And if any of them are your ancestors or known to you, certainly do contact me.  I'm happy to provide close-up photographs of each card to you, or answer any of your questions.  


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  2. Celia, you are creating a wonderful resource by writing about thr people in Grove's album. What a treasure.

    1. Thanks Jill - I can't imagine how long it will take. But it is indeed a treasure!

  3. Oh my, this is wonderful! I'm currently going through boxes and boxes of my grandparents' stuff including a bunch of photo albums and scrapbooks. I'm anxious to go through the rest of your collection to get some ideas on how best to catalog this stuff.

    In the event you're interested, you can find the beginning of my journey here.

    1. Thanks Debi - I just went over to your blog to see all the STUFF and the wonderful 4 generation photograph, as well. As for cataloging my Album... at the moment I'm trying my best to inventory it through these posts, page by page by page by ... I'm also hoping to have eventually a detailed photographic equivalent of the Album with my blog posts making a replica book, but with the added details of the posts. Good luck to you!