Sunday, November 24, 2013


Page 13 of my great-grandfather's Souvenir Album.  My Great-grandfather, James Grover "Grove" TERWILLIGER, filled this Souvenir Album with a miscellany of ribbons, invitations, stamps, cards, tickets, cut-outs from hotel letterheads, and other items from his travels and his affiliations. 

This particular page has a very large invitation to the Opening of the Legislative Halls in the new capitol, Albany, January 7th, 1879; above it is the New Capitol Reception card entitling the ticket holder to attend the Reception as well : "Hon. James Terwilliger & Ladies".  Grove's father, James M. TERWILLIGER (1825-1909), had been active politically, part of the founding of the new Republican Party.  I suspect that Grove received various invitations as his son, moving in similar social circles, if not similar political circles. (note to self: more & more research to do)

On the left side are two ribbons:
The top one, POST OFFICE CLERKS ASSOCIATION of NEW YORK, has no date on it, but is likely from the late 1870s-1880s, as Grove is listed on the 1880 Census in NY as occupation: "Clerk in P.O."  By 1900, although his occupation is listed as "Clerk Rail Road"  I believe he was still a postal clerk, specifically for the railroad.

The bottom white one for the Grand Lodge of NY Independent Order of Odd Fellows - I.O.O.F. - ERICSSON OBSEQUIES, August 23rd, 1890.  The New York Herald had two notices including an Excursion ad about the Obsequies for Capt. John Ericsson, the inventor/builder of the iron-clad man-of-war, USS Monitor,  which you can read by clicking on the two links in this sentence.  The IOOF ribbon may mean the person wearing it could be on the boat, able to see/hear the ceremony more easily.  Capt. Ericsson's remains were returned to Sweden, where he was born.

The blue ribbon with a big red-white-blue bow-tie top, is for an "AIDE" attending the Oct. 10th, 1892 COLUMBUS celebrations of the N.Y. Public Schools. 

Under the blue ribbon is an Irish stamp [hidden], a Bermuda stamp, and 4 symbols - perhaps one of my readers can tell me what they are for/from - See left.

To the right of the Opening of the Legislative Hall invitation card are 4 more symbols, one of them for the Imperial Hotel in Cork (Ireland) - perhaps he'd travelled there.  I will need to do more research for ships' lists!  See right.  

Above the right-hand strip is a dark gold ribbon for the A.P.W. with verse: Asbury Park /  Is still alive, / And waits the / Meet for '95. 
What's the A.P.W.?  This is the Asbury Park Wheelmen - bicyclists!  Here's a link to the 1894 Meet article in the NY Times, October 5, 1894.

The right edge of Page 14 has 2 ribbons:
The top red white and bue ribbon states: Wholesale Dry Goods Republican Club, and likely refers to the Presidential campaign in 1892.

And finally, the COMANCHE CLUB Outing, Sept. 11th, 1894, ribbon at the bottom right. The Comanche Club may have been another cyclists' club in New York. 

Whew! A very busy page, Page 14.  Outings, Events, Political and personal interests - I think my great-grandfather was a bit of a pack-rat!

Please do comment or post your questions about this post - I always love to hear what others think of these posts.  I'm determined to inventory Grove's Souvenir Album, although each page sometimes takes a number of hours of research!    You can also contact me directly at calewis at telus dot net  


  1. Celia, Enjoyed seeing another page of this album. I'm taking a leaf out of his book and scanning all sorts of bits and bobs although my life is not nearly as interesting.

    1. He did live in interesting times, and a highly sociable life! Quite different from mine, I must say. This album is simply huge and filled with so much that is odd, unusual, and just plain weird! Thanks for visiting, Jill.