Saturday, May 31, 2014

PAGE 24 - 6 Sigma Phi events/Conventions, 1877-1883

My great-grandfather, James Grover "Grove" TERWILLIGER, filled his Souvenir Album with a miscellany of ribbons, invitations, stamps, cards, tickets, cut-outs from hotel letterheads, newspaper articles, and other items from his travels and affiliations. Page 24, continues the various events related to Sigma Phi, of which he appears to have been a member.  All use the additional E.P.V. on each event. I don't understand what "E.P.V." means, so please let me know in your comments below!  

The two envelopes on the left have invitations inside, the four other tickets are glued down without an envelope. I will describe them by taking the two on the left, then the middle two, then the two on the right, vertically.

Left row:
   1.  Sigma Phi E.P.V.   You are cordially invited to attend the / Semi Centennial Convention / of the Sigma Phi / to be holden [sic] at Schenectady / on the evening of Friday March 2nd, 1877 / at 8 o'clock. / R.S.V.P. 

   2.  (see photo of invitation & envelope on right)  The pleasure of your company is requested / at / Sigma Phi Place / Wednesday, July 3rd 1878. / from five to eleven o'clock P.M. /    [Four names in two rows at bottom:]  James T. Wright.  Robert F. McQueen.  Henry B. McQueen.  Edwin A. King

Middle row: 
   3.  Sigma Phi Convention / Schenectady N.Y. / Friday, March First 1878. / E.P.V. / R.S.V.P.

   4.  Sigma Phi Convention / Schenectady N.Y. / Thursday, March fourth, 1880. / E.P.V. / R.S.V.P.

Right row: 
   5.  Sigma Phi Convention / Schenectady N.Y. / Friday, March Third, 1882. / E.P.V. / R.S.V.P.

   6.  Sigma Phi Convention / Schenectady N.Y. / Friday, March Second, 1883. / E.P.V. /  R.S.V.P. 

Sigh. I just looked ahead, and the next page is 6 tickets of more years of Sigma Phi Conventions... therefore, I'll post Page 25 next Saturday, to complete the pages.  On the other hand, Page 26 has glued-down currency of various kinds... fascinating!  I can't wait to show them to you.  

Please do contact me with your questions or information via calewis at telus dot net, or in the Comments below.  I am always looking to add value to this Album, and corrections are sincerely accepted!  


  1. Maybe E.P.V. is from the motto - Esto Perpetua ?

    1. Hmmm. Takes care of the E and P. My Latin is rather poor after 56 years... More research needed. Thanks for the tip, Diane! Much appreciated.