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PAGE 30 - 9 Tickets of entertainment

My great-grandfather, James Grover "Grove" TERWILLIGER, filled his late 1800s Souvenir Album with a miscellany of ribbons, invitations, stamps, cards, tickets, cut-outs from hotel letterheads, newspaper articles, and other items from his travels and affiliations.  Page 30, shows a neat page of 9 tickets for various entertainments.  Three of these tickets are for/from his good friend, Mr. George E. Hardy, Superintendent. (Schools)

Starting along the top row, from left to right:
1.  SECOND ANNUAL / GRAND SCOTTISH CONCERT / under the auspices of / CLAN GORDON, No. 69, / Order of Scottish Clans, / at Library Hall, Elizabeth, N.J., / Friday Evening, November 20, 1891 / Tickets - - - 50 Cents, / Doors open at 7:30 --- Commences at 8 o'clock.

2.  Fourth Annual Ball / of the / CANTON KIEHL, NO. 28, / Patriarch Militant, I.O.O.F., / On Tuesday Evening, December 8th, 1891, / Arion Hall, 13 - 27 Wall St. / Tickets,  -  admitting Gent & Lady - 50 Cents. / Music by Prof J. Bauer ......   The Committee

3.  Annual Invitation Summer-Night's Festival / of the / Association of Superintendents & Clerks / of the / NEW YORK POST OFFICE, / On Friday, June 6th, 1891. / Games to Commence at 3 o'clock. .... Dancing at 5 o'clock. / At Sulzer's Harlem River Park, 127th St. & 2d Ave. / Music By Prof. Bayne. / This Ticket must be presented to obtain admission. /  Admit Mr. (blank)  and Ladies. / Introduced by [signature] G E Hardy. //
Note: Mr. Hardy & his family were good friends of the Terwilliger family.

Middle row, from left to right:                      
4.  ROSELLE COUNCIL, / No 1384 / ROYAL ARCANUM / Requests the pleasure of your company / at the Roselle Casino, / Thursday evening, Feb. 18, at 8 P.M. / Entertainment, 8 to 10 P.M. / Collation, 10 to 11 P.M. / Dancing, 11 to 2 A.M. / INFORMAL / To Mr. [written] J.G. Terwilliger and Lady //  Note the seal on this ticket, bottom right, of the Roselle Council No 1384 of the Royal Arcanum, Roselle N.J. 

5.  Reception and Ball / of the / NATIONAL PROVIDENT UNION / and INAUGURATION /  of the President & Vice President of the Union / on Thursday Evening, April 30th 1891. / at the Rink, Clermont Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.

6.  The Committee on Entertainment of / Roselle Council, No. 1384, Royal Arca-/num, cordially invite you to attend the / SMOKER ENTERTAINMENT /  at Masonic Hall, on Thursday Evening, / Jan. 23, 1896, commencing at 8 o'clock. / Several first-class artists have been en-/gaged and a pleasant evening is expected. / George Sloan, / George H. Frech, / John F. Crist, / Committee / To Mr. [handwritten] J.G. Terwilliger

Bottom row, from left to right:
7.  Admit [handwritten]  Mr. Geo E. Hardy  and Ladies / to METROPOLITAN OPERA HOUSE / New York City, / Tuesday evening, January 21st, 1896. / Eighteenth Annual Reception / PALESTINE COMMANDERY NO. 18  K.T. / Present at Broadway Entrance. Note: K.T. is the Knights Templar [FreeMasons].  The Reception menu is found here.

8.  A.M.D.G. / The Catholic Summer School, / First Session, / At The Lyceum Theatre, / New London, Conn. / July 30 - August 20, 1892. / Member's Card / Mr. [handwritten] George E. Hardy /  Has been admitted to the full course of lectures / Warren E. Mosher, Secretary / This Card will admit to all regular exercises of the Session. / Along the right side is handwritten: "Complimentary". // Note:  A newspaper article here and summary here, provides further information.  

9.   29 ... THE PLAYERS / 16 Gramercy Park / The privileges of the Club House are extended to Mr. [handwritten]  George Hardy / by request of  A.H. Chappell  /  This card is available for one visit at any time during the year / ending December 31, 1890, except on Ladies' Day (April 23) / and on Founder's Night (New Year Eve).  It must be filled in with / the visitor's name and signed by the member of THE PLAYERS to / whom it has been issued, and must be given up on entering the / Club House. / THE HOUSE COMMITTEE. //  This wonderful building at 16 Gramercy Park may be seen at top right here, with history of The Players.  For details of Gramercy Park itself and the Gramercy Park Hotel, click here.  

There you have it.  Page 30.  George E. Hardy was a significant friend of Grove Terwilliger, and a few photographs of the family in the 1920s include George and his wife.  

If you have questions or more information to offer, please do not hesitate to contact me via calewis at telus dot net or, in the Comments below.  The next page to inventory is of 14 personal Calling Cards. Thank you for stopping by.  

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