Saturday, October 17, 2015

PAGE 37: Another page of 28 Visitors' Calling Cards

As noted in previous pages, this blog is for the purpose of inventorying every page in my maternal great-grandfather's TERWILLIGER SOUVENIR ALBUM, covering the years from 1840 to roughly 1900.

Here is Page 37 - with almost 30 calling cards of various acquaintances. They are put in rather oddly, with cards turned sideways on both sides, going into the middle card. Odd. What can I say, my great-grandfather filled the page thoroughly. Note the stain on the bottom middle of the group - it looks like a liquid was spilled and wiped off. Coffee? Wine? The ink is fading quite badly on many of these cards, so the image is not the best, I'm afraid.

When I opened the page, the first known name I saw is the one on the left side of the bottom, Gaylord P. Clark, an old friend of my great-grandfather. I will simply list these cards, starting at top left, and advancing more or less across the page from side to side, back and forth roughly by row.  Some cards are partially covered, and the glue is phenomenal - I am unable to peek underneath the card to find more information!

Top row, left top to the right                             
    1.  Thomas E. Deeley

    2.  Mrs. Harry Seabrook  220 East 17th Street

    3.  Fannie Hensel,   (covered partially by the following card, likely for
            convenience, not relationship)

    4.  Frank W. Hinsdale

    5.  Charles G. Belden.

    6.  Annie R. Weaver 
Middle top 2 rows: 
Next row, sidewise to the left
    7.  Miss Gibson  345 West 28th Street, New York

    8.  Ida Smith

    9.  Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Herrick                  

  10.  Mrs. Henry W. Short
enessee St.

  11.  Mrs. James Snodgrass         

  12.  Mrs. R. S. MacArthur

Middle'ish row, left of MacArthur to the left side
  13.  Mrs. Lillie Denton

  14.  James R. Mount  "A Happy New Year" handprinted in red around
           a fanciful image largely covered by card above.

  15.  Mr. & Mrs. L. Burns
          [centre card of the page]

  16.  Mr. & Mrs. F. V. Welling

  17.  Hannah P. Stover

  18.  Thomas G. Alword, Jr.

Next row, right of Alword, Jr. towards right side
  19.  Grant D. Green

  20.  G. T. Rogers   Binghamton

  21.  Mrs. John Jacques.  1450 Pacific St.

  22.  Carrie L. Clinton

  23.  Mrs. I. Owen Crane ___57th St.    Thursdays

Bottom row from right to left bottom corner
  24.  A. B. Hammond     78 Chester Square  Boston

  25.  Mrs. F. Venette Stafford
  26.  G. H. Davis

  27.  Gaylord P. Clark   Syracuse, N[Y]

  28.  Amy C. Corning  42 East 29th [St. covered]

Please contact me if there are errors you notice in transcription (Old English sometimes confuses me!).  And, if any card(s) are of your ancestor, I will be happy to send you a better photograph.

NOTE: My Blogger account is occasionally acting up and not allowing me to reply to comments. Assume that I am absolutely thrilled you took the time to come by, read the notes, and comment. You make my day.


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    1. You'd think so, wouldn't you? It's truly phenomenal glue - perfectly completely permanently bonded! Sigh. I like to carefully pick at photos to be able to see what's on the back or underneath. I'm nosy.