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PAGE 3 - CALLING CARDS (25) - Part 2

See Part 1 for the previous top 3 rows - 15 Calling cards.

I am trying to do a brief search for all the names on the Calling cards on these Album pages.  It is quite challenging to find details quickly for the unmarried women, particularly if they use a nickname or shortened form of their given name, for example:
  - Georgie could come from Georgia, Georgina, Georgianne.
  - Jennie could come from Jennifer, Janet, Jennet, Jane.
I'm hoping that I can find more details for these many unmarried young women when I come to other items in the Album such as marriage invitations or other social events.

Here are the final 2 rows of 10 Calling cards on Page 3 of the Souvenirs Album.  

Second Row from bottom, 4, left to right:

  • George B Best    - possibly the Commissioner of Bridges (as described in 1905 NY newspaper)
  • Josephine G Talford    - not enough clues to find her details
  • F C Rust     - 1875 Syracuse Sunday Times lists a Q.M. Sergt. F.C. Rust, on two committees for an Annual Reception and Ball for the Sumner Corps, April 14th;  likely correct person  
  • May E Kales    -  not able to find her details
  • Geo H Sheldon    - likely the man active in politics: in 1912, a George H Sheldon was noted as Treasurer of the Republican National Committee in Syracuse Newspaper; earlier in 1877, listed as Fire Marshall, but not certain this is one and same man
Bottom Row, 5:
  • Jennie S Allen     - again, unknown young woman
  • Burt J McGrew     - You'd think this name would be unusual enough to find the man easily... not so
  • Gussie A Moore      - again, unknown young woman
  • Will C Graves     - William Cornelius Graves, b. 1856 Jordan NY, a cousin of Grove Terwilliger; died at aged 42 yrs; "... Owing to sickness, the funeral will be private."  Never married.
  • May L Harker     - not as unusual name as I thought - no clues found 
My greatgrandfather, James Grover "Grove" TERWILLIGER, clearly mixed in Calling cards from his father and mother's social circles as well as his and his wife's, on these many pages of Calling cards.  I'm hoping that when there are related items further into the Album, that they will be solely of his circle. We'll see.

For all the women's names - and others - if I find more information on them further in the Souvenirs Album, I will update the pages.  And if you know more details and information, I'm happy to add this, or do a substantial comment below the page.   Do contact me at any time about any of these cards or information.

Thank you for coming to look at these social cards.  The fonts and styles are quite interesting, aren't they?  Ornate calligraphy, embellished Olde English, simple cursive, and print versions.  I'm surprised at the variety shown on the cards.  Click on the link to Old English capitals, to help read some of the more ornate versions.

PAGE 3 - CALLING CARDS (25) - Part 1

Several relatives' calling cards are included in this page of Calling Cards.   This post, Part 1, will include 15 cards; the next post, Part 2, will include the remaining 10 cards.

Apologies for the lack of sharpness in the photos.  I've asked my brother Jake to help me with replacement photographs.  He's a wonderful amateur photographer when he's not working in his actual profession, real estate.

As you see, this page has 25 cards in quite tidy rows of 5 columns in both directions.  The names will be listed in columns across, from left to right, top row #1 to bottom row #5

Top Row, 1, left to right:
  •  Georgie A Palmer    - ornate lettering and nickname implies a girl... style of card, implies unmarried; can't find any engagement/marriage cards for a Palmer in the Album, so she's unknown
  •  J L Parker    - a business card: with Arnold, Constable & Co., 19th St. & Broadway, New York; CARPET DEPARTMENT; check out the link for more information on this wonderful old business, and photos of the building!
  • Florence E Graves    - Florence Estelle Graves, my greatgrandmother's younger sister, the youngest of the 3 girls of Charles G Graves and Harriet P Ormsbee; b. 3 Feb 1860 NY.  As she was married 6 Sep 1893, this clearly predates her marriage to Ernest F Tyler
  • Mrs E C Hall    - I see no clues for this person to date
  • Jennie A Hitchcock    - one more unmarried woman, not known
Next Row, 2:
  • Frank A Johnson    - Hmm - There seems to be a Frank A Johnson associated with the Legion; and another who was a Principal of a school in Binghamton NY in the late 1800s; not clear which -if either- is this person
  • Laura M Silliman   - a number of possibilities, but not specific enough to identify this unmarried woman
  • Dr F E Stewart   -  I believe he was a general physician ("allopath" - Western medicine treatments), who died in the late 1920s
  • Jennie E Cole    -  clearly another unmarried young woman
  • G H Hull     - This may be George H Hull, an economist who published a book in NY, 1911
Middle Row, 3:
  • Fannie R Sanger     - likely to be the Fannie Sanger who married Feb.1905 to Arthur Statham; "guests from Syracuse..." stated in NY newspaper account
  • Lillie Burdett     - another unmarried young woman, few clues
  • Daisy Terwilliger   -  my maternal grandmother; see *below for close-up of card and more details.
  • Lillian Graves     - Lillian is the eldest of the three Graves sisters: Lillian, Gussie, and Florence; Lillian married a lawyer, Gabriel W Wisner; they had 4 children, the only girl named for her youngest sister Florence.
  • Maud H Schiffer    - 1880 Census shows 11 yr old Maud H Schiffer living w. widowed mother in Albany NY; possibly the correct person
I'm hoping that, by the time I've gone through each and every item in the Souvenirs Album, I'll be able to identify a few more of these people.  Perhaps they will show up in recitals, marriage invitations, other social events, or additional records pasted into this Album.  Dig, dig, dig...

* Here is a close-up of  Daisy Terwilliger's Calling card, with a hand-drawn daisy she drew on it.  Daisy is James Grover Terwilliger's eldest child, my grandmother, Marguerite Josephine Terwilliger.  And, if you know anything in flowers, likely you will know that a marguerite is a type of daisy, thus the family nickname.   She loved to draw, and often did sketches of places and people for fun.  She married in 1910, so this is earlier than that, likely about 1900ish when she was an adult, about 20 or so.

The remaining 10 Calling cards on this Album page - Rows 4 and 5, will be completed in the next post.  Whew!   Do you know any of these surnames or people?  I would love to be able to update the information with any details that may be known or found.  If any of these cards are of your ancestors, do feel free to contact me.

The next post will complete this third page of 25 cards.  You'll never guess what the next page is, right?   Whoops, you guessed it.  That's correct - MORE calling cards - 29, I think.  I hope you enjoy these Calling Cards and the glimpse they give into the social life of ancestors in the mid-late 1800s.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


On Page 2 of the Souvenirs Album, are 14 Calling Cards.  Aren't they arranged in a pretty way?

I wish I knew how and why he organized them the way he did.  It may have been relatively random, or it may have to do with the period of time in which he put this Album together.  Perhaps he had a box of these cards and he simply reached in and grabbed 14 of them - and here they are!

 Left Row, slanted:
  • Mrs Sam'l L Maralious  - Samuel was a Clerk in the Civil Service, living at 166 E. 67th NY, in 1884; I didn't find his wife's name in a brief search
  • Dr J E Stillwell  -  I believe this is the same person who wrote several Genealogical/Historical volumes, as well as a Stillwell genealogy/family history book  *Perhaps he encouraged Grove to put this Album together... I wonder.
  • Emma A Grose   
Middle-left column Row:
  • Mrs J G Humberg   - JG Humberg NY either Clerk, or owned Strawgds business, acc. to NY Directories
  • Theodore T Munroe    - Deputy Collector, Treasury Department, 1881 
  • Grace E Irish
  • Benj H Toquet   - Drawing Teacher, Grammar School No.20, listed in 1888; Artist in 1877 NY City Directory
Middle-right column Row:
  • Thomas E Deeley  - his wife's calling card was on previous page [see previous post] 
  • Miss Gussie Graves   - Clara Augusta Graves, became James M.Terwilliger's wife.  See *below for close-up
  • Mr George Stewart Stitt    - Lawyer in NY state, d. 1890
  • Alvine Eggert    - such an unusual name, but a brief search found no records  
Right Row, slanted: 
  • Mrs Grenville D Wilson    - this is Josephine;  her husband was a professor, music teacher, composer and musician; started Nyack Choral Group; d. 1897
  • E B Judson, Jr      - Director of Syracuse trolley line 1889;   also was V.Pres. of First National Bank in Syracuse; his father, E B Judson, was the President of same bank
  • Miss Estelle Walter   

*A close-up of the Calling Card of his soon-to-be bride, Miss Gussie Graves.  James Grover "Grove" Terwilliger married Clara Augusta "Gussie" Graves, 2 Oct 1879, in Syracuse.

The details of individuals above, should be considered "likely" but not proven.  They may be found with Googling the specific name plus New York and a date range of 1880-1900.  The details should be checked more thoroughly if these are likely to be your ancestors. 

As before, if you would like more information or details of any of these cards, including a better close-up of any card, contact me.  I'd be happy to assist.   If you have information or details on the names and other information I have put here, please do let me know and I will do "addendums" to the pages (eventually).

My greatgrandfather had many calling cards, and the very next page in his Souvenirs Album has - Gasp! -  a total of 25 Calling Cards!   I may need to break the page into two posts, in order to research the names briefly, as well as display them adequately.

Sunday, August 19, 2012


The first page of the Souvenirs Album contains a page of Calling cards, one with an original signature, as you can see clearly.  These are various friends, family, and colleagues, apparently.

Where I can find information on the names, I am including what I can find, in brief.  Always do your own research, if these are names in your family trees.
Top row: 3 cards 
  • Mrs. A. H. Schwarz   -  I believe her husband was the Ass't Superintendent of the Oswego & Syracuse Railway Co.
  • E. Willard Tuthill 
  • Mrs. Standish F. Hansell  -     Standish Forde Hansell was an entrepreneur and businessman.  This is his wife, Emma.  
Second Row: 4 cards
  • Nellie A. Robinson
  • Willis Wolford
  • Lillian Terwilliger  - Lillian was the 1st cousin of James Grover Terwilliger.
  • R. M. Richardson, Jr.  - is this possibly the son of General R.M. Richardson of Syracuse? 
Third Row:  3 cards
  • Robt Townsend
  • Annie L. Clark
  • R. Worthington Nason   - this person may well be named for Henry Rossiter Worthington, who was a hydraulic engineer and businessman, and also president of Nason Manufacturing Company in NY
Bottom Row: 4 cards
  • Miss Nason    - likely the daughter of R. Worthington Nason (above)
  • Edw E Thomas   
  • Grace Leavitt
  • Thomas E Deeley 

If any of these people are related to you, I am happy to take a close-up photo of the calling card for your own records.  And, if you have information on any of these people, do please share your knowledge!  I'd be thrilled to find out more about the people in my ancestors' lives.

Next post:  29 calling cards, laid out rather interestingly on the second page of the Souvenir Album.

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Inside Front Cover

Oh my goodness - the inside front cover has so many glued-down items!  I had to take new photos in order to show them clearly to everyone.  Sorry for the date on the photo... I'll check the settings for future photos.

Some of these items date from 1827, and go up to 1870s.  

Note that any time a "James/Jas Terwilliger" is shown on a record on this specific page, it is for my 2nd greatgrandfather, James M. Terwilliger (and I have no idea of what the "M" stood for!). 

Starting at the top left, there is a ribbon commemorating the 1842 opening of the Croton Aqueduct    Check out details of this water supply system, with photos online.  The hand-written comment at the bottom says: "Aqueduct removed in 1900".  If you want a listing of what was written, and who all was named at the bottom of the ribbon, write me and I'll be happy to send you details.

Next, along the top going right, is a list of the 1847 Whig Ticket, Elected.  Here's a photo of the names on the Right side of this page.  Recognize any of those people?

Along the right hand side of the paper is hand-written:  "Whig Ticket  Fall of 1847   Elected" - I'm not certain if it is written in my 2nd greatgrandfather's, although it does look like it. 

Beside the 1847 State Assembly list, is another list, 1848 Whig Ticket, for DeWitt, Onondaga County, NY.   See photo on Left side.  Several persons were elected on this list, including my 2nd greatgrandfather, James Terwilliger (minus the M on this list) shown on the bottom of the list as "Inspector of Election. District No.2."   Along the side is hand-written: "Town of DeWitt, Onondaga co."  And, along the bottom, is hand-written, "Whig Ticket, Spring of 1848"

On the extreme right top corner of the inside cover, is a ribbon with NEA  Denver '95.  I had to go digging for this one.  It stands for the 1895 Denver National Education Association Convention.  I was not sure why this was glued in here; as far as I knew, neither Terwilliger was involved in Education, but there it is, filling a space on the inside of the front cover.  James M. had a younger stepsister, a teacher, so perhaps from his relation with her.

Next comes a mystery - is it a cheque? a receipt?  what is it about?  Here are photos of back and front,  dated New York, June 5, 1827.   

This appears to be a cheque from Winfield Scott for $100, payable to M. Mayo Scott - his daughter, Maria Mayo Scott.   The reverse shows what appears to be the very same hand (Winfield Scott's writing?) as endorsement, and with additional writing in a very ornate calligraphic script - people? places? purposes?   Any suggestions for the writing here?   It's extremely challenging to read.

Is it for a debt of his daughter?  It does seem to say something about "recd payt" above the final signature on the reverse - a Willard Carb?  I cannot make out all the words, although I believe I can read, "James Cram Co."  just above.   None of which provides history to me - in particular, how on earth did my greatgrandfather receive this document, and why?  In what way was he involved or known to this famous general - or his daughter!  What is it doing glued down in the inside front cover here of the Souvenirs Album?!   I've given up at this moment.

Let's go along the bottom of the page now:  starting with bottom left. Here we have a silk menu from the October 12th 1860 historic Dinner and Ball in honor of His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales.  The Prince of Wales was 18 yr old Albert Edward, later known as King Edward VII.   

This fabulous luxurious event was held at Delmonico's - a lavish spectacle.  Drool over the foods, all listed in French of course.  
I particularly like the bottom section where it describes Pieces Montees, which are spectacular confectionary centerpieces - in the shape of Queen Victoria and her Consort, Prince Albert, and also the "SS Great Eastern" [a sailing steam ship], and finally, "Flora's Vase" (the latter shows no photo, so I'm not sure what it looks like).    Apparently these four centerpieces were absolutely out of this world, according to newspaper reports.  And at the bottom of the menu is printed the following:  "Silver Fountain, etc., etc."   Hmmm, I wonder what the "etc." covered!  

The next item over from the HRH 1860 menu, is another political Ticket:  the Spring 1847 Temperance Ticket for the town of DeWitt, Onondaga Co., NY.   

My 2nd greatgrandfather, James Terwilliger, was elected as Inspector, Election District 2.  Above on this page, he shows as elected in 1848 as well.   Clearly my 2nd greatgrandfather had political aspirations.  

A little information on this politician, James M. Terwilliger: He was born 30 Jan 1825 in New Scotland, Albany, NY and married Harriet F. Buell in 1851; he died 18 Oct 1909 in Roselle, New Jersey, at the home of his son, James Grover Terwilliger.  

My greatgrandfather James Grover Terwilliger - whose Souvenirs Album this is - was born 27 May 1856 in Syracuse NY.  By 1860[US Census] his family were shown as settled in Syracuse, Onondaga County, NY.  He married Clara Augusta "Gussie" Graves 2 Oct 1879 in Jordan NY; and died 17 Mar 1929 in Englewood, NJ.  Gussie outlived him, dying 30 Oct 1955 in Florida at the age of 97.

The next item by the right inside edge of the page, is a paper Dominion of Canada 25 cent paper bill.   This version is glued tightly to the cover so I can't turn it over, unfortunately, for more information.  However, it is clearly the version issued in 1870. Click on the link here for details on this unusual print of money - these were known as shinplasters.   

Whew!  Almost done this first page.  The remainder of the bottom right page is filled with 6 hotel logos - I'm assuming these were brought back from various travels.  Starting with the two on the top right: 

The Seelbach Hotel in Louisville KY (now a 4 star Hilton Hotel).  

Second right, is the Hotel Duquesne in Pittsburgh PA.  It must have changed hands enough that I can't find any records of it at this point.  Anyone know if it's still there with it's current name?  

Next, bottom left corner, is the Hotel Cecil in New York City.  Another hotel that doesn't seem to be present at this time.  

Next - the gold logo of  an unknown purpose... a hotel?  institution?  Any specialists in heraldry reading this?  Any identifying letters are soooooo tiny, my old eyes can't read them even with a magnifier!  I'm assuming a hotel.   Here's a closeup on the right.   

Next, the red logo on blue background, Brighton Beach Hotel in New York City, which was by Coney Island.  Another one which is no longer known.   Read about the amazing 9-day move of this hotel in 1888!  Definitely amazing.  

The final bottom left corner of this inside front cover is torn at the corner, but appears to be The Battersea [Hotel?].  Another place no longer found when searching online.  

Whew!  This took much of the day to photograph, and write up... I hope you have enjoyed the history and odd bits and pieces of this first post of what is inside my greatgrandfather's Souvenirs Album.  

The next page has over a dozen calling cards... who will they be?   Tune in - soon - for the next page.


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About James Grover "Grove" Terwilliger, 1856-1929

About James Grover "Grove" Terwilliger, 1856-1929

Welcome to my first post about the Souvenirs Album put together by my maternal greatgrandfather, Grove TERWILLIGER. 

I hope you enjoy exploring the pages and items as I write about them over the coming months.  It is in terrible shape, as you can see by the photo on the right - I don't want to worsen it's condition by handling it in the heat of summer.  Currently, it is carefully put away in a relatively dry place.
Grove TERWILLIGER, photo at left, was the first of 2 sons of James M. TERWILLIGERand Harriet F. BUELL, and lived in Syracuse NY, Roselle NJ, and Manhatten, NY. 

The photo shows Grove aged about 35-40 years old, I believe.  His eyes appear quite light in this photo, so I might assume blue or blue-grey eyes.

Grove's 8-years' younger brother was Harry Reid Terwilliger, who also lived in New York.  You'll find his marriage invitation as one of the cards in this album, along with many other friends and family members.

Grove's father, James M. TERWILLIGER (1825-1909), was active in politics, and the family appeared to live relatively well.  Below and to the right is an undated photo of him, likely taken about 1880'ish.  I am assuming that it is his signature in his own handwriting as well, on the bottom of the photo - Jas. Terwilliger.  I have no idea where this photo came from - it was clearly removed from a stapled booklet at some point in time.  

By the time it came to me, more or less by accident, the Album was not in good shape.  In addition, it had some interesting items shoved into pages any old way.  Quite disheartening actually.  On the other hand, I immediately struck gold - finding an obituary of an unknown person made me wonder how he might be related.  He turned out to be Grove's wife's mother's father!  ORMSBEE - not a very common surname, and therefore a wonderful clue.

With so many wonderful - and weird - items in the Souvenirs Album, I decided to itemize all the items with as much information as I could find, for each page.   Enjoy the journey with me as I go through the Album, page by page, item by item.

My other blog - Twigs and Trees - contains more personal genealogy posts - do check out the list of family Surnames which may be found there, on the first post in May 2012.