Tuesday, August 21, 2012


On Page 2 of the Souvenirs Album, are 14 Calling Cards.  Aren't they arranged in a pretty way?

I wish I knew how and why he organized them the way he did.  It may have been relatively random, or it may have to do with the period of time in which he put this Album together.  Perhaps he had a box of these cards and he simply reached in and grabbed 14 of them - and here they are!

 Left Row, slanted:
  • Mrs Sam'l L Maralious  - Samuel was a Clerk in the Civil Service, living at 166 E. 67th NY, in 1884; I didn't find his wife's name in a brief search
  • Dr J E Stillwell  -  I believe this is the same person who wrote several Genealogical/Historical volumes, as well as a Stillwell genealogy/family history book  *Perhaps he encouraged Grove to put this Album together... I wonder.
  • Emma A Grose   
Middle-left column Row:
  • Mrs J G Humberg   - JG Humberg NY either Clerk, or owned Strawgds business, acc. to NY Directories
  • Theodore T Munroe    - Deputy Collector, Treasury Department, 1881 
  • Grace E Irish
  • Benj H Toquet   - Drawing Teacher, Grammar School No.20, listed in 1888; Artist in 1877 NY City Directory
Middle-right column Row:
  • Thomas E Deeley  - his wife's calling card was on previous page [see previous post] 
  • Miss Gussie Graves   - Clara Augusta Graves, became James M.Terwilliger's wife.  See *below for close-up
  • Mr George Stewart Stitt    - Lawyer in NY state, d. 1890
  • Alvine Eggert    - such an unusual name, but a brief search found no records  
Right Row, slanted: 
  • Mrs Grenville D Wilson    - this is Josephine;  her husband was a professor, music teacher, composer and musician; started Nyack Choral Group; d. 1897
  • E B Judson, Jr      - Director of Syracuse trolley line 1889;   also was V.Pres. of First National Bank in Syracuse; his father, E B Judson, was the President of same bank
  • Miss Estelle Walter   

*A close-up of the Calling Card of his soon-to-be bride, Miss Gussie Graves.  James Grover "Grove" Terwilliger married Clara Augusta "Gussie" Graves, 2 Oct 1879, in Syracuse.

The details of individuals above, should be considered "likely" but not proven.  They may be found with Googling the specific name plus New York and a date range of 1880-1900.  The details should be checked more thoroughly if these are likely to be your ancestors. 

As before, if you would like more information or details of any of these cards, including a better close-up of any card, contact me.  I'd be happy to assist.   If you have information or details on the names and other information I have put here, please do let me know and I will do "addendums" to the pages (eventually).

My greatgrandfather had many calling cards, and the very next page in his Souvenirs Album has - Gasp! -  a total of 25 Calling Cards!   I may need to break the page into two posts, in order to research the names briefly, as well as display them adequately.


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  3. Samuel Maralious
    Birth 1854 in Kings (Brooklyn), New York City-Greater, New York, United States
    Death before 1892 in New York City (All Boroughs), New York, USA
    Amelia Masterson

  4. Thank you so much, "Anonymous" - such an unusual surname, Maralious. I'll be glad to add this to my records of this Souvenir Album. Is this someone you are related to? I appreciate your details here.