Saturday, August 18, 2012

Inside Front Cover

Oh my goodness - the inside front cover has so many glued-down items!  I had to take new photos in order to show them clearly to everyone.  Sorry for the date on the photo... I'll check the settings for future photos.

Some of these items date from 1827, and go up to 1870s.  

Note that any time a "James/Jas Terwilliger" is shown on a record on this specific page, it is for my 2nd greatgrandfather, James M. Terwilliger (and I have no idea of what the "M" stood for!). 

Starting at the top left, there is a ribbon commemorating the 1842 opening of the Croton Aqueduct    Check out details of this water supply system, with photos online.  The hand-written comment at the bottom says: "Aqueduct removed in 1900".  If you want a listing of what was written, and who all was named at the bottom of the ribbon, write me and I'll be happy to send you details.

Next, along the top going right, is a list of the 1847 Whig Ticket, Elected.  Here's a photo of the names on the Right side of this page.  Recognize any of those people?

Along the right hand side of the paper is hand-written:  "Whig Ticket  Fall of 1847   Elected" - I'm not certain if it is written in my 2nd greatgrandfather's, although it does look like it. 

Beside the 1847 State Assembly list, is another list, 1848 Whig Ticket, for DeWitt, Onondaga County, NY.   See photo on Left side.  Several persons were elected on this list, including my 2nd greatgrandfather, James Terwilliger (minus the M on this list) shown on the bottom of the list as "Inspector of Election. District No.2."   Along the side is hand-written: "Town of DeWitt, Onondaga co."  And, along the bottom, is hand-written, "Whig Ticket, Spring of 1848"

On the extreme right top corner of the inside cover, is a ribbon with NEA  Denver '95.  I had to go digging for this one.  It stands for the 1895 Denver National Education Association Convention.  I was not sure why this was glued in here; as far as I knew, neither Terwilliger was involved in Education, but there it is, filling a space on the inside of the front cover.  James M. had a younger stepsister, a teacher, so perhaps from his relation with her.

Next comes a mystery - is it a cheque? a receipt?  what is it about?  Here are photos of back and front,  dated New York, June 5, 1827.   

This appears to be a cheque from Winfield Scott for $100, payable to M. Mayo Scott - his daughter, Maria Mayo Scott.   The reverse shows what appears to be the very same hand (Winfield Scott's writing?) as endorsement, and with additional writing in a very ornate calligraphic script - people? places? purposes?   Any suggestions for the writing here?   It's extremely challenging to read.

Is it for a debt of his daughter?  It does seem to say something about "recd payt" above the final signature on the reverse - a Willard Carb?  I cannot make out all the words, although I believe I can read, "James Cram Co."  just above.   None of which provides history to me - in particular, how on earth did my greatgrandfather receive this document, and why?  In what way was he involved or known to this famous general - or his daughter!  What is it doing glued down in the inside front cover here of the Souvenirs Album?!   I've given up at this moment.

Let's go along the bottom of the page now:  starting with bottom left. Here we have a silk menu from the October 12th 1860 historic Dinner and Ball in honor of His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales.  The Prince of Wales was 18 yr old Albert Edward, later known as King Edward VII.   

This fabulous luxurious event was held at Delmonico's - a lavish spectacle.  Drool over the foods, all listed in French of course.  
I particularly like the bottom section where it describes Pieces Montees, which are spectacular confectionary centerpieces - in the shape of Queen Victoria and her Consort, Prince Albert, and also the "SS Great Eastern" [a sailing steam ship], and finally, "Flora's Vase" (the latter shows no photo, so I'm not sure what it looks like).    Apparently these four centerpieces were absolutely out of this world, according to newspaper reports.  And at the bottom of the menu is printed the following:  "Silver Fountain, etc., etc."   Hmmm, I wonder what the "etc." covered!  

The next item over from the HRH 1860 menu, is another political Ticket:  the Spring 1847 Temperance Ticket for the town of DeWitt, Onondaga Co., NY.   

My 2nd greatgrandfather, James Terwilliger, was elected as Inspector, Election District 2.  Above on this page, he shows as elected in 1848 as well.   Clearly my 2nd greatgrandfather had political aspirations.  

A little information on this politician, James M. Terwilliger: He was born 30 Jan 1825 in New Scotland, Albany, NY and married Harriet F. Buell in 1851; he died 18 Oct 1909 in Roselle, New Jersey, at the home of his son, James Grover Terwilliger.  

My greatgrandfather James Grover Terwilliger - whose Souvenirs Album this is - was born 27 May 1856 in Syracuse NY.  By 1860[US Census] his family were shown as settled in Syracuse, Onondaga County, NY.  He married Clara Augusta "Gussie" Graves 2 Oct 1879 in Jordan NY; and died 17 Mar 1929 in Englewood, NJ.  Gussie outlived him, dying 30 Oct 1955 in Florida at the age of 97.

The next item by the right inside edge of the page, is a paper Dominion of Canada 25 cent paper bill.   This version is glued tightly to the cover so I can't turn it over, unfortunately, for more information.  However, it is clearly the version issued in 1870. Click on the link here for details on this unusual print of money - these were known as shinplasters.   

Whew!  Almost done this first page.  The remainder of the bottom right page is filled with 6 hotel logos - I'm assuming these were brought back from various travels.  Starting with the two on the top right: 

The Seelbach Hotel in Louisville KY (now a 4 star Hilton Hotel).  

Second right, is the Hotel Duquesne in Pittsburgh PA.  It must have changed hands enough that I can't find any records of it at this point.  Anyone know if it's still there with it's current name?  

Next, bottom left corner, is the Hotel Cecil in New York City.  Another hotel that doesn't seem to be present at this time.  

Next - the gold logo of  an unknown purpose... a hotel?  institution?  Any specialists in heraldry reading this?  Any identifying letters are soooooo tiny, my old eyes can't read them even with a magnifier!  I'm assuming a hotel.   Here's a closeup on the right.   

Next, the red logo on blue background, Brighton Beach Hotel in New York City, which was by Coney Island.  Another one which is no longer known.   Read about the amazing 9-day move of this hotel in 1888!  Definitely amazing.  

The final bottom left corner of this inside front cover is torn at the corner, but appears to be The Battersea [Hotel?].  Another place no longer found when searching online.  

Whew!  This took much of the day to photograph, and write up... I hope you have enjoyed the history and odd bits and pieces of this first post of what is inside my greatgrandfather's Souvenirs Album.  

The next page has over a dozen calling cards... who will they be?   Tune in - soon - for the next page.



  1. Oh what a treasure you have in that souvenir album, Celia! I laughed about the repayment of his daughter's debt. That's ALL my grandpa's diary is - money to his kids and then clearing their "debts" when they paid him back! Thought he was the only one to do so.
    There is a lot to be said for journaling in ANY scrapbook/album! Can't wait for the next page....

    1. Well see, that's the confusion - why would my Terwilliger greatgrandfather have this original cheque, endorsed, in HIS hands, when it was written by the ilustrious Winfield Scott!??? What on earth is HE doing, holding on to it? Great confusion. And you're right, this is a fabulous treasure. The next few pages are a bit easier - calling cards, calling cards, calling cards.

  2. Celia - what a treasure indeed. I have seen a number of these types of books in my work, and can make several suggestions on how best to preserve them. Feel free to contact me at any time; it's a fabulous collection!

    1. Thanks Laura - I'll send you a private message through G+. The more I look at the book, the worse I feel over it's terrible condition. On the other hand, I didn't get it into this condition... but maybe I can do "something" to help stabilize it. It is, indeed, a very unique collection - sometimes boring, sometimes exciting, and sometimes puzzling!

  3. Winfield Mason Scott ran for President on Whig Ticket in 1852. Perhaps Grove collected this check for Whig memorabilia. Maria Mayo Scott, Winfield's daughter, would have been 9 years old in 1827 when this check was written. Perhaps the check was for tutoring or a school she attended.

  4. Thanks "Anonymous" for your details - I suspect you're correct, although it would have been his father, James M. Terwilliger who would have had the cheque originally. His father was quite involved in the politics (Whig ticket, Temperance Ticket, and the original Republican Party beginnings). I appreciate your comments here!

  5. is it possible the unidentified gold logo came from this hotel:

    if you scroll to the bottom it talks about the original name of the hotel as being The Dufferin, which is what I think the letters in the middle section look like from here.

    1. You're right it does look like The Dufferin words, but I'm not certain that it's the Vancouver BC hotel... the Terwilligers didn't come out to Vancouver (until my grandparents moved out here about 1912). I think there must have been another Dufferin hotel, perhaps in Quebec or other Eastern cities, as my greatgreat-grandfather travelled quite a bit from New York state. Thanks for the comments - another pair of eyes are very helpful!

    2. It's a start at least :) happy hunting. I'm working through a huge pile myself, it's like a massive jigsaw puzzle, with no map!