Sunday, August 26, 2012

PAGE 3 - CALLING CARDS (25) - Part 1

Several relatives' calling cards are included in this page of Calling Cards.   This post, Part 1, will include 15 cards; the next post, Part 2, will include the remaining 10 cards.

Apologies for the lack of sharpness in the photos.  I've asked my brother Jake to help me with replacement photographs.  He's a wonderful amateur photographer when he's not working in his actual profession, real estate.

As you see, this page has 25 cards in quite tidy rows of 5 columns in both directions.  The names will be listed in columns across, from left to right, top row #1 to bottom row #5

Top Row, 1, left to right:
  •  Georgie A Palmer    - ornate lettering and nickname implies a girl... style of card, implies unmarried; can't find any engagement/marriage cards for a Palmer in the Album, so she's unknown
  •  J L Parker    - a business card: with Arnold, Constable & Co., 19th St. & Broadway, New York; CARPET DEPARTMENT; check out the link for more information on this wonderful old business, and photos of the building!
  • Florence E Graves    - Florence Estelle Graves, my greatgrandmother's younger sister, the youngest of the 3 girls of Charles G Graves and Harriet P Ormsbee; b. 3 Feb 1860 NY.  As she was married 6 Sep 1893, this clearly predates her marriage to Ernest F Tyler
  • Mrs E C Hall    - I see no clues for this person to date
  • Jennie A Hitchcock    - one more unmarried woman, not known
Next Row, 2:
  • Frank A Johnson    - Hmm - There seems to be a Frank A Johnson associated with the Legion; and another who was a Principal of a school in Binghamton NY in the late 1800s; not clear which -if either- is this person
  • Laura M Silliman   - a number of possibilities, but not specific enough to identify this unmarried woman
  • Dr F E Stewart   -  I believe he was a general physician ("allopath" - Western medicine treatments), who died in the late 1920s
  • Jennie E Cole    -  clearly another unmarried young woman
  • G H Hull     - This may be George H Hull, an economist who published a book in NY, 1911
Middle Row, 3:
  • Fannie R Sanger     - likely to be the Fannie Sanger who married Feb.1905 to Arthur Statham; "guests from Syracuse..." stated in NY newspaper account
  • Lillie Burdett     - another unmarried young woman, few clues
  • Daisy Terwilliger   -  my maternal grandmother; see *below for close-up of card and more details.
  • Lillian Graves     - Lillian is the eldest of the three Graves sisters: Lillian, Gussie, and Florence; Lillian married a lawyer, Gabriel W Wisner; they had 4 children, the only girl named for her youngest sister Florence.
  • Maud H Schiffer    - 1880 Census shows 11 yr old Maud H Schiffer living w. widowed mother in Albany NY; possibly the correct person
I'm hoping that, by the time I've gone through each and every item in the Souvenirs Album, I'll be able to identify a few more of these people.  Perhaps they will show up in recitals, marriage invitations, other social events, or additional records pasted into this Album.  Dig, dig, dig...

* Here is a close-up of  Daisy Terwilliger's Calling card, with a hand-drawn daisy she drew on it.  Daisy is James Grover Terwilliger's eldest child, my grandmother, Marguerite Josephine Terwilliger.  And, if you know anything in flowers, likely you will know that a marguerite is a type of daisy, thus the family nickname.   She loved to draw, and often did sketches of places and people for fun.  She married in 1910, so this is earlier than that, likely about 1900ish when she was an adult, about 20 or so.

The remaining 10 Calling cards on this Album page - Rows 4 and 5, will be completed in the next post.  Whew!   Do you know any of these surnames or people?  I would love to be able to update the information with any details that may be known or found.  If any of these cards are of your ancestors, do feel free to contact me.

The next post will complete this third page of 25 cards.  You'll never guess what the next page is, right?   Whoops, you guessed it.  That's correct - MORE calling cards - 29, I think.  I hope you enjoy these Calling Cards and the glimpse they give into the social life of ancestors in the mid-late 1800s.


  1. Perhaps a friend: 1900 Census Steuben, NY Jennie A Hitchcock
    Name: Lewis Hitchcock
    Age: 34
    Birth Date: Jul 1865
    Birthplace: Pennsylvania
    Home in 1900: Jasper, Steuben, New York
    Race: White
    Gender: Male
    Relation to Head of House: Head
    Marital Status: Married
    Spouse's Name: Jennie A Hitchcock
    Marriage Year: 1888
    Years Married: 12
    Father's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
    Mother's Birthplace: Pennsylvania

    1. Thank you "Anonymous" - I truly appreciate you taking the time to add more relevant information on these individuals in my greatgrandfather's Album.

  2. I think this is Georgie A Palmer, but why her calling card is in Grove's scrapbook?? Interesting item is she was 2nd wife of Simon Blake, who was a leather manufacturer in New Hampshire. Simon Blake's first child from his first marriage to Ellen M Sargent was named WINFIELD SCOTT BLAKE, so PERHAPS a familial connection to the Scott family.
    Georgianna "Georgie" A Palmer
    Birth 22 Jan 1851 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co, Massachusetts
    Death Living
    Death 6 April 1925 in Wakefield, Carroll Co, New Hampshire
    Simon Sr Blake
    Birth Nov 1832 in Brookfield, Strafford Co, New Hampshire
    Death Living
    Death aft 1910 in prob New Hampshire
    Simon Blake's 1st Wife:
    Ellen M Sargent
    Birth abt 1843 in Goshen, Sullivan, New Hampshire
    Death Living
    Death 16 Juy 1878 in Woburn, Middlesex, Massachusetts

    1. Thanks "Anonymous" for your details... I found several Georgia/Georgianna Palmer women, but couldn't determine any relationship with the Terwilligers. Or she could have been a friend of his wife, Clara Augusta "Gussie" Graves. I appreciate your detailed posting here!