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PAGE 20 - 7 Event Tickets, 1865-1883

PAGE 20, Terwilliger Souvenir Album.  
My great-grandfather, James Grover "Grove" TERWILLIGER, filled his Souvenir Album with a miscellany of ribbons, invitations, stamps, cards, tickets, cut-outs from hotel letterheads, newspaper articles, and other items from his travels and his affiliations. 

Grove TERWILLIGER lived from 1856 to 1929, mainly in Syracuse, Onondaga, New York, then later settled in Englewood, Bergen, New Jersey, where he and his wife raised their children. Continuing on with inventorying this wonderful huge Souvenir Album, I'm up to Page 20, many more to go.

Here we have 8 tickets of various kinds; I'll start with the left-hand vertical list of 5, then do the 3 on the right side.  The 6th & 7th tickets are clearly his father's, being in the 1860s; whereas my great-grandfather was only born in 1856! 

1. RECEPTION, PURITAN No. 339  F. & A. M. [Masons], Thursday Evening, June 21, 1883, at 8 o'clock. Terrace Garden, 58th & Lexington Avenue. (I haven't found anything more about this event in the Fulton Newspapers site, nor in NY newspapers sites.)

2. ODD FELLOWS CELEBRATION, Elmira,  N.Y., July 4, 1868. Newtown Lodge No. 89, I.O.O.F.  Clearly this would have been one of the early July 4th celebrations!  for more information on the I.O.O.F., click here.  My great-grandfather and his family seem to have been active in or supporters of several charitable and/or business organizations.  

3.  Annual Pic-Nic and Summernight's Festival of L. BECKER'S DANCING ACADEMIES at Wendell's Elm Park, 92d St & 9th Ave.  on Wednesday, June 13th, 1883, commencing at 4 o'clock P.M.

4.  CELEBRATION of the Sixty-Second Anniversary of the Order, and the Thirty-Ninth of EMPIRE LODGE, No. 64, I.O.O.F., Turn Hall, Fourth Street, between Bowery and Second Avenue, N.Y. Tuesday Evening, April 26th, 1881.  Exercises to Commence at 8 o'clock. Consisting of Music, Tableaux, Drama, &c, which will be complimentary.  Dancing at 10:30.  I gather my great-grandparents enjoyed dancing!

5. SECHSTES PIC-NIC und SOMMERNACHTS-FEST  Centennial Loge, 261, Knights of Honor, Mittwoch den 15. August 1883, im Loewen-Park, 109, Strasse und 9. Ave. Anfang 3 Uhr Nachmittags.  How's your German?  Did you figure it out?  

Now for the 3 tickets along the right side edge, from left to right:

6.  COMPLIMENTARY BANQUET by the MERCHANTS & BUSINESS MEN of BALTIMORE.  Representatives to the Grand Lodge of United States, I.O.O.F.,  at the New Assembly Rooms, on Friday Evening, September 22, 1865, at 8 o'clock P.M.  Made out to Jas. Terwilliger Esq.  I'm not certain if he signed his name - wouldn't it be lovely if this is his signature here?  

7.  Mystic Tie Association, ANNUAL BALL, Irving Hall.  Thursday Eve., Dec. 12th, 1867.  This is once again a Freemasons group.  Irving Hall and neighbourhood has an interesting history - check it out by clicking here.

8.  Grand Afternoon and Evening Entertainment and Reception, ROBERT ANDERSON POST, 58, G.A.R., Dept. S.N.Y., at Lion Park, 108th Street and 9th Avenue.  Tuesday, June 19th, '83.   G.A.R. is referring to the Grand Army of the Republic.  You can read details of Robert Anderson's military career, including a photograph, here.

Phew!  Another page completed. The next page includes - that's right - more tickets to musical evenings, entertainments, and more.  

If you have more information or have questions about these tickets and events, do contact me via calewis at telus dot net, or comment below.  

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