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PAGE 21 - 6 Tickets: Musicales, Celebrations & Entertainments

My great-grandfather, James Grover "Grove" TERWILLIGER, filled his Souvenir Album with a miscellany of ribbons, invitations, stamps, cards, tickets, cut-outs from hotel letterheads, newspaper articles, and other items from his travels and his affiliations.   Grove TERWILLIGER lived from 1856 to 1929, mainly in Syracuse, Onondaga, New York, then later settled in Englewood, Bergen, New Jersey, where he and his wife raised their children. 

Here are the first four tickets, L-R:
1.  Teachers' Association June Reception, in Honor of the Adoption of the American Flag [104th]  at the Grand Opera House, Tuesday Evening, June 14th, 1881 at 8 O'clock. This ticket lists all the musical performers "ARTISTS", as well as an elocutionist Mrs. Harriet Webb, The Celebrated Dramatic Reader.  Hon. Wm R Grace, Mayor of New York City, presiding.   This is a visually-busy ticket with numerous different fonts, symbols, and decorative elements at top left, bottom right.  I'm certain a good time was had by all.  For more of the history of the design of the flag - and its many modifications over the years, read here.  

2.  SOIRÈE MUSICALE, given by Mrs. WAGGONER, at her residence, No. 111 South Salina Street, Syracuse, N.Y., FRIDAY EVENING, JAN. 27th, 1871,-- At 8 o'clock, For the
Benefit of Plymouth Church.  Admission, ONE DOLLAR.  The musical program is listed, with performers' names: Harry Hanchett [also mentioned below], Miss Knapp, Miss Dillaye, Mrs. Hoyt, Mr & Mrs. Chase, Mr. Dudley. A fascinating history of the Plymouth Church may be found on their website. 

3.  CHICKERING HALL, Wednesday, March 26, 1879, Mr. HENRY G. HANCHETT'S Piano - Forte Recital. to begin at half-past three.  The detailed Program follows:  Bach, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Schumann, and Rubenstein.   Wouldn't you love to have been there? Dr. Henry G. Hanchett was a physician, lecturer [professor], musician, theorist; numerous newspaper and book excerpts state very positive and warm reviews of his abilities. 

4.  Teachers' Association, GRAND MUSICAL and ELOCUTIONARY ENTERTAINMENT, Washington's Birth-day Reception.  Tuesday Afternoon, February 22, 1881, at Steinway Hall, At 2 o'clock.  Another visually-busy ticket with many font styles and elements, and engraving designs.  What a busy Association this was, with celebrations and entertainment throughout the year! Here is information on Steinway Hall, one part of the entire Steinway building.  Unfortunately, in 2013 the building was sold, and apparently a tower of luxury condos is planned for the building.  I'm trying to imagine how an architect will manage to redesign/repurpose the building since it is a heritage site. 

Next, the two long tickets on the side:  
5.  64th ANNIVERSARY I.O.O.F. STATE N.Y.  Dedicatory Exercises Compliments of NE-AH-TA-WANTA LODGE, No. 245.  Salmon's Hall, Fulton, N.Y.   Afternoon & Evening, Friday December 23rd, 1870.  This 9" long ticket lists all of the committees' members: Executive Committee, Honorary Committee, and the Committee of Arrangements.  I looked in vain for the surname Terwilliger, Graves, Ormsbee, or other ancestral surnames in this list.  The Lodge name is also found as Neahtawanta Lodge.

6.  Teachers' Association, City of New York: Lieut. Commander Henry H. Corringe will deliver a GRAPHICALLY  ILLUSTRATED  LECTURE on "THE OBELISK and AFRICAN ARCHAEOLOGY" at Steinway Hall, Saturday Evening, April 23rd, 1881, at 8 o'clock.  Yet another Teachers' Association event in New York City.  Henry Honychurch Corringe wrote a book - available as a free ebook - titled "Egyptian Obelisks" published in London, 1885. It includes 50 full-page illustrations.  Click on the first link on the right side of the page which shows up (Google Ebook), and you can see the gorgeous cover! The book is fascinating in its own right. And as a genealogist, I love his name - his middle name is unusual enough to likely be a surname of an ancestor.  

I hope you enjoyed this page and tickets to various musical, entertainment, celebratory and educational events.  My great-grandparents seem to have been out and about frequently.   The next page in the Album has 9 cards, including a "Wooden Wedding" card!

If you have questions or have more knowledge of these events and persons named, please do let me know by contacting me via calewis at telus dot net or through a comment below.  

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