Saturday, February 28, 2015

PAGE 33, the 2nd page of Wedding Cards/Notices

See Page 32  for the 1st page of 4 consecutive pages of wedding cards and notices. Page 32 contained items for our TERWILLIGER & GRAVES family members.

On this next page, Page 33, appear more wedding cards and marriage notices, likely of their good friends. There are two more of such pages to come.  A very social couple, these TERWILLIGER great- grandparents!

I am copying information from these cards by starting top left, then top right, then 2nd row: i.e., doing horizontal pairs to the bottom:

1.  HOLDEN & NOTTINGHAM  This is an At-Home card:  Mr & Mrs. Wm Nottingham, with a smaller card inside: Miss Eloise Holden [wife or daughter?].  At Home Thursdays Dec 1st and 8th, at 63 East Fayette St., Syracuse, N.Y.

2.  FYLER & HOLDEN  Willis A. Holden /  Idelle L. Fyler / Married / Tuesday, September Twentieth, / Syracuse, N.Y. / 1881 //   With smaller card inside:  Mr. & Mrs. W.A. Holden.  Brooklyn.

3.  HOLDEN & CURTIS Clearly the Holden family was well known to my great-grandparents!   Charles D. Holden, / Elizabeth A. Curtis, / Married / Thursday, June tenth, 1880. / Syracuse, H.Y. / At Home / After July 1st. / No. 5 W. Adams St.

4.  TEFFT & KENYON This is such a pretty envelope with an embossed T over a K.  No dates inside, however we can assume about 1880-1885.  Mr. & Mrs. John S. Kenyon.  // With a smaller card:  Mattie Tefft    

5.  WILLARD & FREDRICK  / Mr & Mrs. William J. Fredrick / 58 West 33d Street.... New York. //  Plus a smaller card:   Miss Willard

6.  GOULD & LITTELL   John M. Littell, /  Imogen Gould. / Married, / Thursday Aug. 5th 1880. / North East, Pa. //  With second smaller card:  Mr & Mrs. J. M. Littell.  / After Sept. 20th. ... 347 West 34th St. / New York

7.  GERE & HUDSON  Married, / Tuesday June twenty ninth, / Edmund A. Hudson, Martha T. Gere,  /  At Home, / Thursdays, July 22nd & 29th / 130 West Genesee Street, / Syracuse N.Y. 

8.  ELMENDORF & JUDSON  Mr. & Mrs. Edward Barker Judson, Jr. / Syracuse, New York. //  With smaller card:  Miss Elmendorf

By the way, there are a number of different stationers who printed out all these envelopes, mainly from Syracuse, a few from New York.  Perhaps I will do one posting "soon" with their names.

If any of these individuals are known to you, or if you would like a good copy of the photos of their married cards, please let me know via calewis at telus dot net, or leave info in comments below.

NOTE: My Blogger account is acting up and not allowing me to reply to comments just now. Assume that I am absolutely thrilled you took the time to come by, read the notes, and comment. You make my day.


  1. Such a unique resource/heirloom Celia. I enjoy these posts.

  2. Such a unique resource/heirloom Celia. I enjoy these posts.