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PAGE 34, the 3rd consecutive page of Wedding Cards/Notices

As noted in previous pages, this blog is for the purpose of inventorying every page in my maternal great-grandfather's TERWILLIGER SOUVENIR ALBUM, covering the years from 1840-1900 or so.

See Page 32  & Page 33 for the other pages of 4 consecutive pages of wedding cards and notices. While Page 32 contained items for our TERWILLIGER & GRAVES family members, the next pages seem to be primarily of their friends.

Page 34 continues with wedding invitations, wedding cards and notices of the newly married couples' names and new addresses. I am posting details in vertical rows, starting from the top left side.

1.  McWILLIAM - MILLER  1885
Mr. & Mrs. John McWilliam / request your presence / at the marriage of their daughter / Sarah / to / Henry F. Miller. / Tuesday evening, February seventeenth / at eight o'clock / Third Reformed Presbyterian Church / West 23rd Street, between 7th & 8th Ave / New York City / 1885

[The envelope has a raised embossed H P, and the stiff card inside has raised gold lettering for the church.]
Church of the Transfiguration / 29th Street bet. Fifth & Madison Aves. / Tuesday September 12th 1871 at 3 o'clock. P.M. / Spencer Howard Pickett ... Mrs. A.V. Hiltman

[This appears to be a visiting card, possibly post-wedding.]
One card:  Louise Albro.  The other larger card:  Mr. & Mrs. E.C. Stearns / Vanderbilt House

The middle row:
4.  STOVER - LAMBERT  1885  
Mr. & Mrs. Jordan H. Stover / request the honour of your presence / at the marriage of their daughter / Hannah P. / to / Mr. Jerome C. Lambrite, / Thursday afternoon, June eighteenth, / at half past four o'clock, / Erwinna, Pa. / 1885

5.  BONTA - JONES  1886 
One small card: Please present this card at / Reformed Church / Tuesday, October 12th.
Larger card: Reception / immediately after the ceremony / 15 Green Street 
Invitation: Mr. & Mrs. Rasselas A. Bonta / request your presence / at the marriage of their daughter / Jessie Anderson / to / Charles Richard Jones / Tuesday evening, October twelfth, 1886, / at six o'clock / Reformed Church / Syracuse, N.Y.

[engraved envelope, pretty flowers]   
Lizzie M. Greenway, / Charles A. Bridgman, / Married, / Tuesday, April nineteenth, / Syracuse, N.Y. / 1881 

And finally, the right hand side:
Mrs. T. G. Murphey / requests your presence / at the marriage of her daughter / Ophelia, / to / Dr. Henry G. Hanchett, Tuesday afternoon, June twentysecond, / at three o'clock, / Episcopal Church / Dover, Delaware, 1886 

8.  GRAVES - BARTON  1870
[a very fancy embossed envelope G B, ornate lettering inside]
Small card:  Ella Graves
Larger card:  Robert Barton
Invitation:  Trinity Church / San Francisco / Tuesday, December 30th, 1873, at 8 P.M.

[This appears to be a visiting card, possibly post-wedding, embossed E W; cards written in old English calligraphy]
Small card: Clara L. Elliott
Larger card:  Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Waggoner

The next page in the TERWILLIGER SOUVENIR ALBUM is of 9 more cards of friends and acquaintances.

If any of these individuals are known to you, or if you would like a good copy of the photos of their married cards, please let me know via calewis at telus dot net, or leave info in comments below.

NOTE: My Blogger account is acting up and not allowing me to reply to comments just now. Assume that I am absolutely thrilled you took the time to come by, read the notes, and comment. You make my day.

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