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PAGE 35 - 4th page of Wedding notices, Cards

As noted in previous pages, this blog is for the purpose of inventorying every page in my maternal great-grandfather's TERWILLIGER SOUVENIR ALBUM, covering the years from 1840-1900 or so.  See Page 32 Page 33, and Page 34 for the previous of 4 consecutive pages of wedding cards and notices. While Page 32 contained items for our TERWILLIGER & GRAVES family members, the next pages seem to be primarily of their friends.

Because of how these cards are organized, I will start at the top and list them horizontally.

Mr. Hermann Crohen / requests the pleasure of your company / at the wedding reception of his daughter / Julia / and / Thomas G. Alvord, Jr. / Thursday evening October ninth / from eight until ten o'clock / No. 14 Sidney Place / Brooklyn / 1884 
This place is still standing, with a pretty turquoise-painted door entryway.

Mr & Mrs. William Jerome Coombs / announce the marriage of their daughter / Mary, / to / Dr. Sidney Allan Fox, / Tuesday,  April twelfth, 1887. / Brooklyn, N.Y.

Mr. George P. Hotaling, / Miss Jenny A. Hitchcock, / Married / Thursday, October eighteenth, 1883 / New York City.
At Home Fridays, / The Seward, / 175 East 93rd Street

The middle horizontal row is of visiting cards:

4.  Mr. & Mrs. George S. Hier

5.  Dr. & Mrs. Gaylord P. Clark 

6.  Mr. & Mrs. Fred Frazer

The bottom horizontal row, continues:

Mr. & Mrs. Robert H. Eddy / request your presence / at the marriage of their daughter / Emma Sutherland, / to / Mr. Walter Romaine Leggat / on Tuesday evening, May twenty fourth, / at eight o'clock. / West Presbyterian Church, / Forty second Street between 5th & 6th Avenues.
[The church was demolished before 1912 - see image on the right]

Mr. & Mrs. John Fluke / request your presence / at the marriage of their daughter / Caroline Burleigh / to / Edward L. Wadsworth, / Wednesday evening Sept. 8th / at eight o'clock. / Trinity Church / Renovo, Pa. / 1886
[Renovo PA is a tiny town in central PA, so likely my great-grandparents didn't attend.] 

9. LAMB - TAIT  [1925 marriage invitation - only late-dated one in the album] 
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rollinson Lamb / announce the marriage of their daughter / Katharine Stymets / to Mr. Trevor Spottiswoode Tait / on Saturday, the fourteenth of November / One thousand, nine hundred and twenty-five / at The Fold / Cresskill, New Jersey

The next page in the TERWILLIGER SOUVENIR ALBUM is a mixture of family profiles, and other ephemera. Eclectic.

If any of the above individuals are known to you, or if you would like a good copy of the photos of their married cards, please let me know via calewis at telus dot net, or leave info in comments below.

NOTE: My Blogger account is acting up and not allowing me to reply to comments just now. Assume that I am absolutely thrilled you took the time to come by, read the notes, and comment. You make my day.

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