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PAGE 39 - 7 Tickets to New York Commencement Events, 1878-1883

As noted in previous pages, this blog is for the purpose of inventorying every page in my maternal great-grandfather's TERWILLIGER SOUVENIR ALBUM, covering the years from 1840 to roughly 1900.

Here is Page 39, with more Commencement Events occuring from 1878-1883.  Goodness, my great-grandparents went to many diverse educational events and commencements... from the Eclectic Medical College to the Phrenocosmian Society(!).  Links will lead you to further information, so do click and follow them through.

In the centre, is a marvellous image:  
The Senior Class of Syracuse University
request the pleasure of your company at their Class Day Exercises in The College Chapel, Monday June 23rd, 1879 at 2 o'clock.
COMMITTEE:  J.Frank Tallman, Chairman.  W.D. Marsh, E.A. Villares, C.W. Rowley, F.F. Barros, I.M. George.
Syracuse University was founded with a co-educational policy, and promoted women in education. The link provides much information of interest about Syracuse University's history and students.  

Right column, top to bottom:
The Phrenocosmian Society of The College of the City of New York  TWENTY EIGHTH ANNIVERSARY, Friday Evening, Novr. 5th, at Eight o'clock at Chickering Hall  1880
The Phrenocosmian Society was one of a number of literary societies which flourished in the 1800s at universities. 
Two more events at The College of the City of New York follow down the right column:
PRIZE SPEAKING  Tuesday evening June 25th 1878 / at eight o'clock, / CHICKERING HALL
This was a Prize Speaking Contest of the students of the College of the City of New York, with both prose and poetry speakers.  Summary judgments for each speaker are detailed along with the audience's reactions.  Read all the details at Fulton History at this link to the NY Times, the following day, page 5.
COMMENCEMENT The College of the City of New York [ticket: ADMIT PARTY], Thursday, June twenty eighth / at 7:30 P.M. / Academy of Music.  There is no year listed for this ticket, but June 28th was on a Thursday in 1877 or 1883, more likely 1883 by the dates of all the cards on this page.  Fulton History (with past NY newspapers free online), shows details, see in the middle of page, beginning, "it was a brilliant audience that filled the Academy of Music last night, and the programme of the thirty-first commencement of the College of the City of New York was one worthy the attendance.  Forty-seven young men took their degrees."  All are listed by name.  [note the pages take a moment or two to load]

On the left side are three cards, from top to bottom:
ECLECTIC MEDICAL COLLEGE of the City of New York.  Twenty-second Commencement [at] Chickering Hall, 5th Ave & 18th Street, Thursday evening, March 1st, 1883.  Compliments of A.B. Banker MD.  
And what was "Eclectic Medicine"-? the roots of modern alternative medicine, an extension of herbal medicine, botanical medicine, physiotherapy, etc. 'treating the patient and not the pathology' (quote by Michael Moore, contemporary herbalist).
Students Semi Annual / Columbia College 
 "Opa Telos" 
Translation roughly, Woo-hoo, The End!!
[at] Academy of Music, /Friday, Feb. 7th, 1879./  at 8 O'clock, P.M.  Admit Party.   [I do wonder who they knew taking courses, or teaching there]
Finally, the University of the City of New York / Medical Department / 42nd Annual Commencement  / [at] Academy of Music, / March 13th 1883. / Chas Inslee Pardee, M.D. / Dean. / at 8, p.m.  Admit Gentleman and Ladies.  Note that Dr. Pardee died in 1899.  
A fascinating unusual number of educational events, commencements, and celebrations are in those 7 souvenir cards above.  These events were held either at the Academy of Music  or  Chickering Hall, both of New York City, both demolished in the 1900s.
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Please contact me if there are errors you notice or if you know anything about any of the cards or people mentioned on this page.  Particularly if you know who on earth Maggie Lendrum is!

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