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PAGE 40 - 6 Commencement Event Cards, 1878, 1881,1883

As noted in previous pages, this blog is for the purpose of inventorying every page in my maternal great-grandfather's TERWILLIGER SOUVENIR ALBUM, covering the years from 1840 to roughly 1900.
Here is Page 40, with more Commencement Exercises invitation cards, occuring from 1881-1883.  There is nothing written on the outside/front side of the invitations, so no clues as to why the Terwilligers were invited to these events.  I will cover these 6 invitations from left, across the top, then across the bottom.

Top Row: 
1)  Eclectic Medical College of the City of New York - see Page 39 for another ticket to the Eclectic Medical College. / Twenty-second Commencement / Eclectic Medical College, / of the City of New York / Chickering Hall / Thursday evening March first / 1883   Repeated from previous post, Page 39: And what was "Eclectic Medicine"-? the roots of modern alternative medicine, an extension of herbal medicine, botanical medicine, physiotherapy, etc. 'treating the patient and not the pathology' (quote by Michael Moore, contemporary herbalist) 

2) 42nd Commencement [under owl] University of the City of New York, Medical Department  / Tuesday Evening / March 13th / at 8 o'clock / Academy of Music / 1883 /
Can anyone tell me what the leafing plant is that starts on the bottom left and grows up and around this image? I'm certain it must be significant...   

3) Highland Cadet Corps / The Class of 83 / Request Your Presence / at the / COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES / Wednesday June 13th / at / Half Past Two O'clock /
The book on the top of the image is titled "History of the United States, Vol. 1"  
There is no indication of the place for the Commencement Exercises, but most likely it would have been in New York city. 

Bottom Row:
4) [front of card] College of St Francis Xavier / New York City 
/ Thirty-First Commencement / Chickering Hall / Monday Evening, June 27th, 1881, / at 8 o'clock /
The inside provides details for the evening, music as well as four "Discourses" on St Thomas, awarding of Medals, and Conferring of degrees.  

5) Class of '83 / RUTGERS COLLEGE / You are invited to attend the / COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES / Wednesday morning June 20 '83 / at Ten o'clock / OPERA HOUSE /
The Class of '83 alumni provided funds for the Memorial Gateway erected in 1907 at the corner of Somerset and George Street, New Brunswick, New Jersey.  Scroll down to number 6 in the images.

6) College of the City of New York / Class of '78 / Requests the pleasure of / your company at the / COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES / at / Academy of Music / on / Thursday Evening, June 27th / at eight o'clock / Committee / J. Walter Wood.  Alex Bernstein. / Edw. O. Manners. Wm. J. Campbell. / R.E. Carey. 

Please contact me if there are errors you notice or if you know anything about any of the cards or people mentioned on this page.
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