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PAGE 41, 3 more commencement events, late 1800s

As noted in previous pages, this blog is for the purpose of inventorying every page in my maternal great-grandfather's TERWILLIGER SOUVENIR ALBUM, covering the years from 1840 to roughly 1900. Today's post is Page 41, with three items: an undated unidentified Graduation Program, an 1883 Commencement Class program and, an 1872 Class Day [Graduation?]. By clicking on the links, you may learn more about these places and events.

Left, Union Business College:
With a little digging, I was able to find more information on the unidentified item and some details. This is a Graduation Program of  Union Business College, later named for the Principal and Founder, Thomas May Peirce, Peirce College. The "Germania Orchestra" mentioned is the precursor to the Philadelphia Orchestra.
The opening Prayer was given by Rev. Bishop Matthew Simpson, a Methodist Bishop, who travelled widely, and was well regarded. The Methodists strongly favoured the Freedmen (former slaves) post the Civil War.
The Hon. John Welsh had a remarkable history, which can be read with this link. His son, Herbert, also had a strong influence on Indian affairs during the late 1800s, as may be read here.
The Annual Address was given by the Hon. John Eaton, LL.D., the US Commisioner of Education from 1870-1886, through five US Presidents.
And the Address to the Graduates was given by Gen. Clinton B. Fisk, the President, Board of U.S. Indian Commissioners.  He was an Abolitionist and, after the Civil War was Ass't Commissioner for the Freedmen's Bureau for Kentucky and Tennessee.  Whew - quite the list of speakers!

In the Centre, University of Wooster, in Wooster, OH:
University of / Wooster /
Compliments /
Class of '83 /
The pleasure of /
your company is requested /
at the Class Day Exercises /
June 18th  / 1883 /

I'm unclear whether my great-grandfather actually was present at this time, or simply had a copy of the program because of education connections.  Note the little owl sitting on the two books in the middle of the photo.

Opening up the Wooster program:
The Programme and Class Roll [38 students, including 3 women], shows various of the graduating students who contributed to the Programme, and includes the full class roll of graduates in 1883.

And on the right side:  WILLIAMS CLASS DAY / 1872
Williams College, the second chartered college in Massachusetts, housed in Williamstown, MA. It is a private liberal arts college, with an excellent reputation academically; also includes significant student financial aid support.

Williams Class Day / 1872 /
The Pleasure / of your Company /
is requested at the /
Sigma Phi / Hall /
on / Tuesday, June 25th / at 6 o'clock.
G.H. Earle, G.B. Abbott. F.C. Eaton, P.C. Chandler

Please contact me if there are errors you notice or, if you know anything about any of the cards, places or people mentioned on this page.

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