Thursday, January 4, 2018

PAGE 42 - 9 Invitations/Admission Cards, 1867-1885

As noted in previous pages, this blog is for the purpose of inventorying every page in my maternal great-grandfather's TERWILLIGER SOUVENIR ALBUM, covering the years from 1840 to roughly 1900. Today's post is Page 42, where there are 9 invitation or admission cards to various activities, mainly relating to the I.O.O.F fraternal organization. Several of the coloured inks used show significant fading, unfortunately. 

In a vertical column, left side:
1. ENTERTAINMENT AND RECEPTIONMount Sinai Lodge, No. 135, / I.O.O.F. / TERRACE GARDEN , / 58th St and Lexington Avenue / THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 3, 1884. / Entertainment begins promptly at 8 o'clock. ... Doors open at 7:30 / TICKET ADMITS GENTLEMAN AND LADIES / There will be no charge for admission or for hat checks.//

2.  Sixty-Fifth Anniversary  / I.O.O.F. / of the Institution of the Order in / America, will be held in / CRYPTIC LODGE ROOM / Thursday Evening, April 24th, 1884. / At 8 O'Clock / COURTLANDT LODGE ... CRYPTIC LODGE / Please present this card at the door.//  
Note top right corner 1819, top left, 1884.

3 Miss Sanders, / Miss Fannie Sanders, / At Home, / 226 Warburton Avenue, / JANUARY 1, 1885. // I took a look on Google maps, and could not see an actual house at this address, only the Parish Holy Rosary church to the right, and perhaps the Parish school on Warburton Avenue. Unfortunately I have no idea whose friends the Misses Sanders were - James and his wife or his parents?

Middle column:   
4.  ODD  FELLOWS' / Compliments / Tuesday Evening  February 26th 1867 / Harmony Hall, ... Troy, N.Y. //   Troy is north of Albany in upstate New York. Note symbols on bottom, in Hebrew. [?] I would appreciate information. [thanks] 
5.  GRAND ... BALL / IN AID OF THE COMPLETION OF THE BARTHOLDI STATUE OF LIBERTY. / [middle section with the Knights Templar IVANHOE COMMANDERY No.36 of New York City  on left, and MONROE COMMANDERY No.12 of Rochester New York on right, with image of Statue of Liberty centred.]  / MADISON SQUARE GARDEN ... MONDAY JANUARY 26TH 1885 / Matinee Drill & Ball at 2 P.M. ... Reception Drill & Ball at 8:30 P.M.// Definitely a piece of history here. The Statue of Liberty arrived in New York 6 months after this Ball, on June 19th, 1885.

6.  LANCIERS / Empire Hall  [inside the envelope:]   
LANCIERS, / Empire Hall. / Friday Evenings / Nov. 19th  Dec. 3rd & 17th 1875, Jan. 14th & 28th Feb. 11th & 25th March 10th & 24 / & Monday Evening Jan. 3rd 1876, from 8 until 12 o'clock. / Executive Committee / Orrin I [or J]. Snow, ... I.[or J.] H. Davis, ... W.H. Bennett, / E.T. Hawkins, ... A.P. Yates, ... Chas. I[or J]ohonnot, Treas. / Music by Dresher. //  I was unable to find information about the Lanciers bi-weekly ?meetings or dances?

Right side column:
7.  ANNUAL PARADE AND REVIEW / of the / Police Force of the City of New York / at the / PLAZA / Seventeenth Street and Union Square / Wednesday, June 5th 1878, at 10 o'clock A.M. // 
This invitation would likely be here because his father James M. Terwilliger was a Commissioner with the Police Dept of New York at this time.

8. FORTIETH ANNIVERSARY / GRAND BALL / of / WARREN LODGE, No. 84 / I.O.O.F. / Irving Hall, 15th St. and Irving Place / Monday Evening, / October twenty-fifth, 1886. / TICKETS .... FIFTY CENTS. / Admitting Gentleman and Ladies. / including hat check. // 

9.  Mrs. James Snodgrass, / with / Misses Sanders, / 220 Warburton Avenue, Yonkers, N.Y. / January 1, 1883//  This appears to be an At Home card, and with an address a few doors down from the previous Sanders card from 2 years after this date [#3 above]. The Google map shows a largeish house to the side of the Holy Rosary Church. 

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  1. Hi, this isn't really relevant to this post but I wasn't sure how else to contact you. I saw one of your geneology posts from several years past. It was about Edmund Tapp. He is my 9th or 10th great grandfather, through his daughter and Robert Treat. My family were Treats until just a generation or two ago. We've traced the Tapps back to the 1400s in England. I just wanted to tell you because how strange is it that one direct descendant ends up in Canada and the other in Oklahoma?

    1. Thanks for your note, Padawan. Great to hear from another relative from so far back! I haven't gone past Edmund TAPP & Anne HIRTS in Bedfordshire - I was happy to get that far! You can always contact me at celia dot winky at gmail dot com. Cheers from the wet west coast of Canada.

  2. You might check they have the Treat/Tapp family tree, as far back as the 1400s. Its a free and useful website.