Sunday, August 26, 2012

PAGE 3 - CALLING CARDS (25) - Part 2

See Part 1 for the previous top 3 rows - 15 Calling cards.

I am trying to do a brief search for all the names on the Calling cards on these Album pages.  It is quite challenging to find details quickly for the unmarried women, particularly if they use a nickname or shortened form of their given name, for example:
  - Georgie could come from Georgia, Georgina, Georgianne.
  - Jennie could come from Jennifer, Janet, Jennet, Jane.
I'm hoping that I can find more details for these many unmarried young women when I come to other items in the Album such as marriage invitations or other social events.

Here are the final 2 rows of 10 Calling cards on Page 3 of the Souvenirs Album.  

Second Row from bottom, 4, left to right:

  • George B Best    - possibly the Commissioner of Bridges (as described in 1905 NY newspaper)
  • Josephine G Talford    - not enough clues to find her details
  • F C Rust     - 1875 Syracuse Sunday Times lists a Q.M. Sergt. F.C. Rust, on two committees for an Annual Reception and Ball for the Sumner Corps, April 14th;  likely correct person  
  • May E Kales    -  not able to find her details
  • Geo H Sheldon    - likely the man active in politics: in 1912, a George H Sheldon was noted as Treasurer of the Republican National Committee in Syracuse Newspaper; earlier in 1877, listed as Fire Marshall, but not certain this is one and same man
Bottom Row, 5:
  • Jennie S Allen     - again, unknown young woman
  • Burt J McGrew     - You'd think this name would be unusual enough to find the man easily... not so
  • Gussie A Moore      - again, unknown young woman
  • Will C Graves     - William Cornelius Graves, b. 1856 Jordan NY, a cousin of Grove Terwilliger; died at aged 42 yrs; "... Owing to sickness, the funeral will be private."  Never married.
  • May L Harker     - not as unusual name as I thought - no clues found 
My greatgrandfather, James Grover "Grove" TERWILLIGER, clearly mixed in Calling cards from his father and mother's social circles as well as his and his wife's, on these many pages of Calling cards.  I'm hoping that when there are related items further into the Album, that they will be solely of his circle. We'll see.

For all the women's names - and others - if I find more information on them further in the Souvenirs Album, I will update the pages.  And if you know more details and information, I'm happy to add this, or do a substantial comment below the page.   Do contact me at any time about any of these cards or information.

Thank you for coming to look at these social cards.  The fonts and styles are quite interesting, aren't they?  Ornate calligraphy, embellished Olde English, simple cursive, and print versions.  I'm surprised at the variety shown on the cards.  Click on the link to Old English capitals, to help read some of the more ornate versions.


  1. What a great collection! What fun it must be to research these.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)

    1. Thanks Theresa - it's fun, but very time-consuming of course. Plus I'm a bit frustrated because I'm not certain who these people are in relation to my greatgrandparents. Friends? Colleagues? Business Acquaintances? Neighbours? Or, are they involved with his own parents's lives? I really ought to be doing even more research on them... perhaps later. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  2. Hi, Celia - I have an old photograph of a woman identified as Peg Terwilliger. Please give me a shout if you believe she may be related to your Terwilliger family. I'd be happy to pass along the photo to you.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Mary Beth. I've been searching and discussing with my relatives, but we don't seem to have anyone named Margaret or other names which could be Peg. But my grandmother's family used nicknames a great deal, so who knows, it may be possible. Do you have details of place and dates or a range of dates? You could email me directly at calewis AT telus DOT net and we could discuss this more. Sorry for taking so long to reply, but I've been trying to track down possible individuals!